Whoopi’s Hatred of President Trump Is Getting Serious


Whoopi does NOT want you to call President Trump the president. You can call him former president, but NOT president. Be careful; she might spit at you if you do.

“Can I say something that’s been bothering me and it’s been bothering me and bothering me?

“I would like every Republican out there to stop referring to this man as the president. He is not the president; he is the former president. And, you know, nobody can see the future. And the same goes for the donors. You know, you cannot buy the presidency. You can put as much money as you want to, but it’s not for sale.

“So, stop calling him the president. He is not the president yet. He’s the former president with all the other things attached.”

Uh, no, Whoopi. We usually call him former President, but now we’re going with President. The Left was calling Hillary Madame President before her non-election, so it must be okay.

Whoopi Goldberg’s TDS is so serious that it causes her to spit.

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