Exact moment the riot began at the Capitol


The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer was in D.C. throughout the rally and riot on Wednesday. He believes he pinpointed the exact moment the riot began. Two men started pulling the fence down, encouraged others to join them, and overpowered the police, who seemed shocked.

Some commenters on the thread said it wasn’t the exact moment. Some had already gotten through, but regardless, this was a key turning point.

Maga rallies have always been peaceful, as were the Tea Party rallies. Perhaps the police thought they didn’t need heavy security. They certainly didn’t have it. They also didn’t seem to have a handle on who was in the crowd.

However, the FBI does seem to be rounding them up quickly now, even though it took them years to investigate the coup with no results.

These people came to start trouble and need to be found and prosecuted if they haven’t been found yet.

We need to know who these men were.




  1. These people came to peacfully assemble and petition Congress for redress of great grievances.It was not a riot. To characterize the aseembly of citizens to petition for grievances is to play into the hands of the Marcist press and the ChiCom agents. When their Vice President Pence betrayed them and refused to throw out the fraudelently presented electors the petitioners became reaonably upset. They did not riot; they protested against a malignant assembly of Marxist vermin.They are heros inmy book.

  2. Bwahaha! Those Nancy Pelousy pics are cracking me up.
    Wouldn’t you just love to see that laptop!
    Some Derp State productions comrades right out of crisis actor productions?
    Maybe outsourced to do the jobs that Americans just don’t want to do.
    Where were the historic heroic poleeces to keep us safe?

    • Most of the people in the clip were antifa and/or blm. Notice a few had their hands up, don’t shoot stance, along with wearing their Trump hat backwards, another signal that they’re not MAGA supporters. Plus one of the characters had red gloves on, they were swearing, carrying a bullhorn and storming the barricades, attacking the police. All antifa/blm traits. There’s no way the MAGA people would pull a stunt like that. More kabuki theater.

      • Agreed. But my point is this Elijah Schaffer claims this is the starting point but there appears to be smoke / tear gas in the back ground already.

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