Explosive New Docs Expose Paul Pelosi’s Deep Ties to Fraud & Bribery Scheme


The DailyMail is hot on the trail of potential corruption on the part of Paul Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi’s son. They have uncovered documents that intimately tie him to an illegal scam.

They found that Paul Pelosi is listed as the owner of a flop house tied to a fraud and bribery scheme prosecuted by the FBI.

In the documents, Paul Pelosi Jr. signed statements that he was the property owner, “the party legally and financially responsible for this proposed construction activity” and agreed to “abide by all applicable laws and requirements that govern Owner-Builders as well as employers.”

They even show Pelosi Jr., 53, applied for one of the very same permits that building inspector Bernie Curran and ‘permits expeditor’ Rodrigo Santos have been indicted for.

Curran and Santos will appear in San Francisco court on February 4.

The form signed by Pelosi Jr. on Dec. 7, 2017 is the “smoking gun” evidence of his close links to the high-profile criminal case.

The scheme involved removing permit violations against a decrepit flop house owned by Jr.’s ex-girlfriend. As noted, fraud and bribery were involved.

Who would think the son of insider traders would be involved in fraud and bribery.

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