Psaki Won’t Rule Out Biden Stacking the Court [with Radical Communists]


Jen Psaki will not rule out Biden stacking the Court [with radical communists] Justices.

A reporter asked, “Does the president plan to decide what he is going to do on Supreme Court reform before he makes this nomination?”

“He is reviewing the Supreme Court commission report. I don’t have a prediction of when he will conclude his analysis of that,” Psaki replied.

“And I just asked because the reports includes suggestions about things like changing the number of people on the court and you would think he would want to know who, if he’s going to increase the size of the court who he will put on first, right?” the reporter asked.

“I think the focus right now is on going through a process that takes — that values the seriousness of the role he has as president where he consults as you saw today with Democrats and Republicans to select and dominate an eminently qualified black woman to serve on the court,” she said with her usual smirk. “That is the focus right now.”

Biden is a dictator guided by the unaccountable cabal hiding behind the curtain. He might well do it. He’s getting away with everything that will destroy our nations so why not this?

The committee he formed never came to a definitive conclusion but didn’t say no to stacking, moving Justices around, none of the vile suggestions that will destroy the third co-equal branch of government.


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