Eyewitness account of cold-blooded murder of Aaron Danielson in Portland


A friend of the murdered man, who partnered with him that night, gives his eyewitness testimony to the cold-blooded assassination in Portland in the video below.

During the night of August 29 – 30, Aaron Danielson was shot to death simply for wearing a Patriot Prayer cap, and perhaps for his blue lives matter insignia. Jay and his friend were merely walking down the street and nothing precipitated the killing. Jay and his partner were not armed or looking for trouble. They were there merely to stand up for their beliefs against the communists who have destroyed Portland.

The man being interviewed did not give his name, but reports on social media claim his name is Chandler. He told the interviewer that for whatever reason, the opposition feels these Patriot Prayer members do not have the right to express themselves.

He said these murderers were looking for people alone so they could kill them and get away with it.

“They executed my partner, they hunted him down, they hunted us down, they identified our Patriot Prayer hats…” he said. The Patriot Prayer is a Christian Conservative group. When the murderers spotted them, the witness said, they yelled, “We got a couple of them right here, pull it out,” and then the man in white pulled out a gun and murdered Aaron Danielson. They were Black Bloc but the killer was in all-white.

“Jay is not a racist or a xenophobe, or whatever label, he’s not an -ist or an -ism, He’s an independent man, he’s a good man,” the eyewitness recalled. “He didn’t do anything to earn a bullet in the chest.”

When asked what words he’d have for President Trump, what would they be, the witness answered, “send troops.”

Portland is as corrupt as any place

He added, “Portland is as corrupt as any place you’re ever seen, any place you’ve ever heard about in the movies. I have a friend sitting right behind me here who’s being charged currently with a felony riot while the D.A. is letting all these actual rioters out on the street. He was just out there waving an American flag. It’s been charges, for what, two years but somebody who’s throwing explosive devices at the police…somebody…when I went to the hospital, I met a homeland security officer who was there because his buddy caught a mortar round in the chest and burned right threw his uniform. He got third-degree burns all over his torso. Those people are being let go while Christians and Conservatives and anybody who isn’t  whatever their Hitler-esque idea of a perfect world is being chastised and being hunted.”…

The eyewitness warned, “More people are going to die…If we don’t get rid of these Ted Wheelers and these Kate Browns and these uh city councilwomen…Joanne Hardesty, who antagonize these people and underhandedly provoke violence on social media…”

He wasn’t threatening, of course, just explaining how things evolve. The interviewer noted that the witness “mentioned history doesn’t ever naturally de-escalate at this point?” The witness responded, “I’ve never seen it. I’ve also never seen communism work.”

There is much more.

Watch him explain the sordid and tragic details:


In the Russian revolution, anarchists fought alongside the communists. Communists used them to disturb the peace. When communists took power, they killed the anarchists.

These anarcho-communists, as they describe themselves, think they can be both. That goes for Black Lives Matter, not just antifa. They have chapters in colleges and universities throughout the nation.



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