Facebook Exec Doesn’t Back Down to the Stalinists


Joel and Laura Kaplan

Facebook’s vice president of public policy, Joel Kaplan, reportedly hosted a gathering of twenty-five people on Saturday night in Washington, D.C., to celebrate Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial nomination to the Supreme Court.

Joel and Laura Cox Kaplan celebrated with Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh, according to Politico.

Laura Cox Kaplan, lobbyist Ginger Loper and several other women who supported Kavanaugh reportedly organized the event.

Facebook stressed that it doesn’t have rules on what its employees do in their private lives outside of work. He caught flak at work apparently.

Kaplan and his wife have been friends of the Kavanaughs for decades.

Kaplan attended the Kavanaugh hearings to support him and was pilloried by the staff. He then had to apologize.

Reporter Eli Lake tweeted: “It’s a dangerous line when political orthodoxy demands people break their friendships. This appears to be what happened to policy chief, Joel Kaplan. Good for him, for standing his ground.”

It is absurd. The social media sewer has many calling for his firing.


This is what the Democratic Party stands for now. They need to reverse course and get their radicals under control.

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