Facebook plans to suppress ‘dangerous’ posts after the election


Facebook will deliberately suppress posts it deems ‘dangerous’ and slow the spread of viral content in ’emergency measures’ after the election.

Facebook executives that have spoken with the Wall Street Journal have said such tools would only be used in ‘dire circumstances’ including election-related violence. However, they insist the company needs to be fully prepared for any eventuality.

They will use internal tools to slow the spread of viral content and suppress potentially inflammatory posts.

Facebook reportedly has a plan in place to help calm any unrest that may arise after the US election. We will be treated as if we are an “at-risk” country. However, since the right is the side censored currently, we do believe at the Sentinel that will continue and never go back.

Facebook may also lower the threshold of what it detects as ‘dangerous content.’ That will likely be right-wing, pro Donald Trump information.

Facebook says it has spent years working toward safer and more secure elections.

There won’t be safe and secure elections. Democrats have the fake absentee ballots sewn up. They won’t even allow monitoring in certain places.

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