Facebook suspends me but won’t tell me what I did wrong


Facebook is racking up complaints against the Capitalism page we post on and they are likely planning to eventually take our page down. It’s not that easy to take the page down since we have close to a million likes and another 800,000 plus additional followers. They appear to sit on the page. The latest is my three-day suspension for posts that violated their community guidelines — three of them months ago.

They gave me dates of the articles but not the articles they were offended by.

They don’t tell me what specific articles are a problem, just that I violated their community standards which are very vague. And, by not telling me which articles, I can’t do a thing about it.

I am suspended from posting for three days.

This is the notice I received:


I looked at all the articles I put up on those dates. This is only guesswork, but I think I might know what they didn’t like.

On May 18, I posted this article with a photo of George Soros: Far-left groups demand mail-in voting as the DEFAULT. Since the FB fact-checkers are all tied to Soros, I’m guessing that’s the one they didn’t like.

On June 27, I think they had a problem with this ‘hate speech’: Author of 1619 Project pushing into our schools calls whites ‘bloodsuckers’. According to their standards, even though she said this and I’m only quoting this author of the 1619 Project, they would consider this spreading hate speech against whites or blacks or something.

On July 13th, I am completely confused but think it could be this one because I mention white people: Former Baltimore mayor blames white men for her failure. It could be this one: ‘Virtually all whites are racist!’ Diversity training for government workers! because I quoted the diversity training mantra.

A lot of the memes are hit because they won’t accept satire. They call satire false news. Some of the memes are partly wrong or a little wrong.

This is just flat-out censorship to silence our voices. They won’t even tell me what I did wrong. These people are Stalinesque.

Please share our articles as much as you can to help us get information out. We don’t make money on this as it is.

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