Famous Actor Says Barack Obama Is a Muslim


One famous actor believes Barack Obama is a Muslim and tweeted it out. Obama’s extreme sympathies for Islam and his contempt for crusading Christians does point to deception on the issue of Islam.

We don’t necessarily agree that Barack Obama is a Muslim but he isn’t much of a Christian either. He appears to be a communist who is sympathetic to Islam. The former president lived in Indonesia for three years and is the son of a Muslim. His past is steeped in communism.

The recent revelations about Obama possibly allowing a Hezbollah drug running operation to continue unabated so he could ostensibly secure an extremely bad nuclear deal is explosive, although the media has completely avoided the Politico story.

The nuclear deal, which meant so much to Barack Obama, allows Iran to get the bomb within ten years. It also allows them to advance their ICBM technology during those ten years. It was never a deal, it was an okay to move ahead.

Actor James Woods has been basically banned from Hollywood for his right-wing views, but he invested in Apple in the 1980s and doesn’t have to worry about getting acting jobs. He has been a vocal force on Twitter. He believes Obama is a Muslim. Who are we to argue with James Woods. Obama could be a Muslim. Remember when he said the U.S. is really a Muslim country?

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