Fani Willis Kicks Off Her Testimony by Calling the Lawyer a Liar


Fani Willis kicked off her testimony today by repeatedly calling the lawyer for one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants a liar. She wouldn’t just answer a question and offered soliloquies for even the simplest questions. Eventually, she had to be treated as an adverse witness. The case continues tomorrow.

She accused co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, of being dishonest with the court.

Ms. Merchant grilled Willis about who paid for Willis and Wade’s trips. Willis explained that she gave Wade cash for anything he paid for on her behalf. When asked where the cash came from, Willis answered that she always kept a supply of cash in her home because her father taught her that it was a good idea always to have money on hand.

Wade also had insisted she reimbursed him in cash.

Fani Willis said questioning her about her secret affair with Nathan Wade and paying him nearly $600,000 of taxpayer money is anti-democracy.

“I am not a hostile witness. I very much want to be here. Ms. Merchant’s interests are contrary to democracy, your honor, not to mine.”

She was uneasy, angry, and difficult during questioning. When Trump’s lawyer, Steve Sadow questioned her, it grew heated at times. She told him to stop yelling at her, and Judge McAfee stepped in to help things move along.

“When I took out a bunch of money from my first campaign, I kept some of the cash from that,” Fani said.

That sounds like campaign finance fraud, as Laura Loomer pointed out.

Fani Willis appears to have admitted to a campaign finance crime while testifying about why she gave her prosecutor lover, Nathan Wade, large cash payments, which is believed to be Fulton County taxpayer money. This is grounds for termination and worse.

Paramour Nathan Wade claims Fani reimbursed him for the vacations, but he can’t prove it. He didn’t take them off his taxes.

She can’t prove she reimbursed Nathan Wade.

Her female friend said she had a relationship with Nathan Wade since 2019. That means she lied to the court.

Willis’s long-time friend, Robin Yeartie, testified that she believed that Willis and Wade began a romantic relationship in October or November 2018 after they met at a conference.

She said that she had “no doubt” they were romantically involved from 2019 to 2022, and she said she saw them “hugging and kissing” before Nov. 1, 2021, which is when Wade was appointed special prosecutor for the Georgia election interference case.

Willis said she didn’t see her much.

If her friend is right and Fani had a relationship with Nathan Wade since 2019, she lied to the court and will be disqualified.

Before Yeartie testified, Wade’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, was called to testify. Bradley said he met Wade in 1988, and they started a firm together. He claimed he didn’t recall the dates when Willis and Wade met and was unwilling to share anything that Wade had shared with him about the relationship between Wade and Willis. Bradley said he was worried about losing his law license if he testified.

Roman’s attorney had previously said that Bradley would provide testimony proving the relationship between Wade and Willis began before she hired him to be the special prosecutor in the Trump and co-defendants’ RICO case.

Nathan Wade admits under oath that he had sex with DA Fani Willis before May 30, 2023. That contradicts what he swore in his divorce case.

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