Fani Willis’s Dad’s Testimony Is a Disaster


John Floyd, Fani’s dad

How someone reacts to the Fani Willis testimony yesterday is a litmus test for if they’re a complete partisan hack. Anyone who denies that she clearly lied, could not respond to basic questions, acted inappropriately, and corrupted this prosecution is a mindless Dem partisan.

~ Glenn Greenwald

Fani Willis’s former Black Panther father didn’t think his daughter’s excuse of paying Nathan Wade back with cash was a big deal. He falsely claimed it’s a black culture thing. He also admitted that the lawyers prepped him, and that was prohibited.

Fani Willis’s father was prohibited from discussing yesterday’s proceedings by meeting and being prepped by Fulton County attorneys defending his daughter. Willis was with them as they prepped him this morning.

Her father said he knew about COVID-19 in 2019 before anyone else knew. He must be a seer.

Her father claims he never knew she was having an affair with Nathan Wade until recently. But he did come around the house and was a DJ.

Fani will not be on the stand today. Judge Scalia and Mike Davis explained the problems with her testimony:

Who thinks DA Willis’s claims of racism and threats are lies?

Nathan Wade’s law partner – who can corroborate that DA Fani Willis’s affair began before she gave her paramour Nathan Wade a lucrative special prosecutor contract – is not in court despite the subpoena to appear this morning.

Terrence Bradley claims he has a doctor’s appointment.

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