Biden Will Cancel Millions More College Loans, Defying the Law


Biden announces MORE desperate vote-buying with student loan forgiveness. This will add to the $136.6 billion in debt he already wiped out. It will include tens of millions of student loan borrowers.

The Biden dictatorship is using rules to cancel student loan debt after the Supreme Court struck down the original plan. The spirit of the Supreme Court ruling applies to every one of his dishonest student loan forgiveness mandates.

This is socialist thievery. The administration is stealing from hard-working Americans to pay for college loans for people who went to expensive colleges.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – April 3, 2021: Demonstrators protest near Grand Army Plaza during a rally to cancel student loan debts.

The proposal unveiled on Thursday outlines multiple factors the Education Secretary may consider to determine whether borrowers are facing the type of hardship that would get them relief.

Biden and his handlers are abusing his authority and punishing taxpayers who didn’t get a college education.  We live in a socialist dictatorship.

Some factors for hardship include the borrower’s total student loan balance and required payments relative to household income and whether a borrower is facing high financial burdens for essential expenses like healthcare or childcare.

Other considerations include whether the borrower received a Pell Grant, age, disability, and other indicators identified by the secretary.

The proposal would provide automatic relief for borrowers who are highly likely to be in default in two years. Those borrowers would be identified through a method developed by the Education Department using information in the secretary’s possession.

It would also allow the Education Secretary to provide additional relief to borrowers experiencing hardship through an application process.

“It’s an important part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s permanent solutions to the problem of unaffordable loans,”  said Under Secretary of Education James Kvaal in a statement.

The people who took out unaffordable loans now get to force Americans – who didn’t take them out – to pay for them.

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