Far-left NJ Gov wants to give $600 a week to illegals


Illegal aliens in New Jersey, who don’t belong in this country and broke our laws to come into and stay in the country, are likely going to get a lot of taxpayer money soon. Far-far-left Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey is considering giving them $600 a week.

He’s generous with other peoples’ money as he encourages more illegal immigration.

NJ.com reports: “Make the Road NJ released the “Essential and Excluded” report, which compiled more than 200 surveys with undocumented and legally-residing immigrants. The group, which advocates for [illegal] immigrant communities and Latino workers, called on Gov. Phil Murphy to take aggressive steps to protect undocumented individuals and their children, who are often American citizens.”

Saying they are legally-residing since it’s a sanctuary state is a misnomer. Sanctuary laws are illegal.

“Under COVID-19, immigrant communities have experienced extreme harm. Undocumented immigrants are disproportionately likely to own small businesses and to work in the sectors that have been hardest hit by coronavirus-related closures, such as food service and construction, and those where workers continue frontline work such as warehouses, janitorial and agriculture,” the report says.

Anyone else getting tired of hearing that line? If they have American children, they do get money for them and pay little to nothing or get money back on their taxes.

Illegal aliens — not immigrants as the story repeatedly states — are disproportionately affected by the virus, according to NJ.com. That might be true but whenever I ask professionals in hospitals on Long Island why so many are affected, they tell me the illegals are afraid that if they go for help they will be deported.

“The [far-left, open borders] group is asking authorities to take aggressive steps to help immigrant [illegal alien] communities, including increasing the federal stimulus check to $2,000 a month, give $600 a week to those who lost their jobs but are ineligible for unemployment benefits and sign an executive order halting detention and deportation of unauthorized residents.

Keep adding debt and putting citizens and legal residents last.

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