Far-Left VA Governor Northam Proposes Sweeping New Voting Laws


Far-far-left Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia is proposing a repeal of the law that requires Virginians to show a photo ID when they vote.

“Participation makes our democracy strong—we should encourage every eligible voter to exercise this fundamental right, rather than creating unnecessary barriers that make getting to the ballot box difficult,” said Governor Northam.

Why is it too hard to show photo ID? There is no answer because it’s not.

Northam is also backing legislation to implement no-excuse absentee voting and legislation to reform campaign finance laws. They can cast the absentee vote without reason.

Absentee voting is how Democrats in New York win elections. They have it sewn up, and it’s impossible to check. We saw it in action during the mid-term election cycle with ballot harvesting and voting out of the district.

The reasoning behind the no-excuse absentee voting proposal is it will help reduce lines on Election Day and expand access to Virginians who want to vote.

The Hartford Currant pointed to problems, serious problems:

A significant concern among town clerks and the state Elections Enforcement Commission is the potential for voter fraud in this highly manual process. The current system does not provide for the security and storage of a large number of ballots within the town clerks’ vaults. Also, with higher volumes, there is greater opportunity for counting errors.

Under a no-excuse system, there is no way to guarantee the applicant is voting the ballot. The absentee voting system already has been the focus of forgery, coercion, bribery and multiple-voting complaints. In contrast, at an early voting polling site, which opens prior to Election Day, individuals would need to produce identification before getting a ballot.

Furthermore, clerks are concerned that an increased number of voters would be disenfranchised under a no-excuse absentee ballot system. Already many absentee votes are disqualified and not counted because voters failed to sign the envelopes, mail them back too late or mismark their ballots.

Northam is a far-left, radical governor who proposed oppressive gun laws this past week, laws worse than those of New York and California.


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