Fascism of the left has permeated all levels of government


Even if you think you’ve about had your fill of seeing the viral videos of outraged parents confronting pompous, authoritarian, school boards, please give this two minutes of your time.  The speaker verbally hits cranky board members between the eyes by citing the 1964 U.S. Constitutional Case Law.

His powerfully stated, and articulate response is a template for any courageous parent. And we’re seeing a lot more of them who are fed up with out-of-touch bureaucrats ruining their children’s lives.

The fascism of the left has permeated all levels of government.

As Armstrong writes: This becomes a fight for the very principles on which the United States was founded. People have infiltrated government at every level and believe they have a right to censor and moot [sic] all dissent. This is not what America stood for, and this is clearly why the computer will be right — the only solution will become a civil war. It is fascinating how the computer has forecasted this trend, and I personally wish it had been wrong. But I am only the wide-eyed observer in this dance with destiny.




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