Fascism of the left has permeated all levels of government


Even if you think you’ve about had your fill of seeing the viral videos of outraged parents confronting pompous, authoritarian, school boards, please give this two minutes of your time.  The speaker verbally hits cranky board members between the eyes by citing the 1964 U.S. Constitutional Case Law.

His powerfully stated, and articulate response is a template for any courageous parent. And we’re seeing a lot more of them who are fed up with out-of-touch bureaucrats ruining their children’s lives.

The fascism of the left has permeated all levels of government.

As Armstrong writes: This becomes a fight for the very principles on which the United States was founded. People have infiltrated government at every level and believe they have a right to censor and moot [sic] all dissent. This is not what America stood for, and this is clearly why the computer will be right — the only solution will become a civil war. It is fascinating how the computer has forecasted this trend, and I personally wish it had been wrong. But I am only the wide-eyed observer in this dance with destiny.





  1. What Is It With These Online Posts? Does Nobody Proof-Read Their Stuff Before It Goes Online? Is Something Wrong With Being Professional?

  2. The comrades got too eager beaver after the good buddy ally CCP flu delivered all of their statist utopian dreams.
    I don’t feel sorry for those who love them some enemedia or those who want mommygov to build the utopia, they are not my countrymen and should depart with their chains resting gently.

  3. Let’s not forget the modern fascists started with the “New Left” of the sixties which believed the US was evil and needed to be destroyed. At the time those ideas weren’t mainstream but year after year it gained more adherents and now it has widespread acceptance. A country cannot be destroyed from within Unless it first becomes fascist. Unfortunately far too many of the public are so disgusted with politicians that they prefer to live their own lives apart from any discontent. Society would need inspiration to counter such ideology but these days most all are so self-serving there is little chance for that.

    The Republican Party has done little to nothing over the generations to thwart or stifle such ideologies and assisted to some degree. As I’ve often said, “What one generation ‘tolerates’, the next generation will ’embrace'”. It’s a downhill slope that has never been countered. Because the New Left has gained such power a course of remedy will be even more difficult. It began with the “culture”. Republicans ran away from anything culture all while the left increased their cultural takeover. David Horowitz was warning and exposing this thirty years ago but no one listened, Or cared, and Now it us upon us with a vengeance. So it allowed the ideology to be cemented throughout society. We are now left with, “How do we ‘change’ Society.

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