Fascist Antifa, Black Lives Matter Shut Down Video Speech by Tommy Robinson at Columbia


Student protesters attempted to block the entrances to Tommy Robinson’s speech at Columbia University Tuesday night. Claiming to be anti-Fascists showing that “alt-right speakers” allegedly like Robinson are “not welcome on our campus.”

It was an Antifa and Black Lives Matter example of really bad behavior. If you look at a lot of these Black Lives Matter members, they’re nasty white leftists.

They prevented Mr. Robinson from finishing his speech sponsored by the College Republicans.

“As students and community members, we are disappointed in our campus Young Republicans for choosing to aid the trend violent provocation over intellectual discourse,” a description for the protest, organized by Columbia’s Apartheid Divest group, states. “Far-right extremism has relied upon Young Republican chapters at universities for audiences, promotion, and credibility.”

“When Colin Kaepernick is out of a job, when the president of the United States calls Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization, where is our free speech?” one student protester shouted through a megaphone from outside the building, going on to thank all of the students and faculty who showed up to “f***ing propose an alternative to this bulls**t, to say no, and to fight back.”

Hard-left protesters shouted at audience members, and chanted “whose campus? Our campus!” as Robinson waited to speak.

Robinson, notably, was never able to deliver his full remarks but simply fielded questions from protesters throughout the night.

“I’m very depressed with how the event went. I realize free speech is dead,” College Republicans President Ari Boosalis told Campus Reform. “People were disrespectful, they were flipping off, they were not willing to have a conversation, all they wanted to do was yell ‘white supremacy!’ and call me a white supremacist. The protesters never wanted to be challenged.”

This report came from Campus Reform.

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