FBI, DHS track down woman who simply attended the Trump rally


An innocent woman who attended the Trump rally on January 6th was tracked down by the Feds with facial recognition. Dana Kurtbek, who went to Mexico with her daughter, was flagged by Homeland Security on her way home from vacation, The Post Milennial reported.

She was held at the airport by the TSA upon departure even though she is approved for the TSA PreCheck. She missed her flight but thought it was random bad luck.

However, when Kurtbek landed in Newark Liberty National Airport last Monday, she was stopped at Customs and Immigration and then taken into the airport’s interrogation room.

She was told she was flagged as participating in the riot on January 6th.

The FBI showed up at her home. They accused her of going into the Capitol, but she hadn’t. These agents interrogated her as if she were a terrorist and all she did was attend the rally.

“Are we as Americans no longer allowed the right to assemble?” Kurtbek wondered. “Have we ever been the land of the free or has it all been an illusion? Is that why Trump was so hated?”

“I had been flagged by my government as a potential domestic terrorist simply because I attended a rally in support of the president,” Kurtbek said, reflecting on the situation. “Our rights as American citizens have been removed and the government is using this incident to intimidate those with differing views into compliance.”

“We have been referred to as traitors, un-American, racists, homophobic, ignorant, brainwashed, and now domestic terrorists by the same people who proudly display ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ placards in their front yards,” Kurtbek fired back.

They’re very efficient — the FBI and DHS. They just can’t find anything wrong when Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and the rest of the crew commit crimes.


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