FBI Hired Father of Pulse Nightclub Jihadist, a Possible Terrorist Himself


The FBI employed the father of the Pulse nightclub terrorist and knew all about his terrorist son. In fact, Dad is likely a terrorist himself. The Mueller-Comey FBI lied.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando jihadist, worked for the security firm G4S beginning in 2007. G4S was and is contracted with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Omar was interviewed twice by the FBI but they failed to act. There might be a horrible reason for that.

Omar’s wife, Noor Salmon, currently accused of being an accomplice to the attack, filed a motion to have her case dismissed. It revealed Omar’s father’s history with terrorists at the same time he was working with the FBI. Her lawyers say the FBI hid key facts until now out of embarrassment.

Due to the FBI’s close relationship with Mateen’s father Seddique, she claims that they didn’t arrest Mateen when they investigated him in 2013. Also, she says her prosecution is intended to protect the real accomplice, an FBI asset, Seddique Mateen.

Daddy has terrorist friends and money exchanged hands

Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando terrorist who killed 49 at the Pulse nightclub, was an FBI confidential human source between 2005 and 2016. A search of his residence found receipts for money transfers to Turkey and Afghanistan. A second transfer occurred one week before the attack.

At one point, based on a tip, Seddique tried to raise and transfer $50,000 – $100,000 overseas to contribute to an attack against the Pakistani government.

Muellers-Comey’s Facilitation of Terrorism

SCOTUS reporter, attorney Robert Barnes, noticed the Mueller-Comey FBIT knew Mateen was bragging to co-workers about his terror ties. It led to co-workers reporting him to the FBI and it also caused a sheriff’s deputy to call the FBI. Additionally, the whole dang family is tied to domestic and foreign terrorists.

Sally Yates and James Comey appear to be liars, see HERE!

Why is Mueller being allowed to proceed??? He let a terrorist go out of embarrassment??? Let us investigate him and his allies and drop the faux Russia-Trump collusion case.

Summed Up by Tom Fitton

Hillary’s friend Seddique

Anyone remember Hillary giving the terror dad a place of honor at her Florida rally? She is a dumb bunny that one.

Hillary’s Fan Base Includes a Terrorist’s Dad

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