FBI Ignored Texts of Biden Plan to Help US Assets Sale to the CCP


The FBI has text messages showing that a Chinese energy conglomerate struck a controversial deal in 2017 with Hunter Biden. Texts show that the Chinese Communist Party’s pursuit of Joe Biden began when he was vice president in 2015.

“There will be a deal between one of the most prominent families from US and them (China) constructed by me,” Hunter Biden’s business partner James Gilliar texted future partner Tony Bobulinski on Christmas Eve 2015. This was shortly after Hunter Biden had been alerted to CEFC China Energy’s overture and its wealthy leader Ye Jianming, reports Just the News.

“I think this will then be a great addition to their portfolios as it will give them a profile base in NYC, then LA, etc,” Gilliar added in the text message obtained by Just the News. “For me it’s a no brainer but culturally they are different, but smart so let’s see. … Any entry ticket is small for them. Easier and better demographic than Arabs who are little anti US after trump,” Gilliar wrote.

File: GilliarBobulinski12-24-15ProminentFamily.pdf

[That looks like the Bidens are selling the country out.]

The text messages set a timeline of a courtship between the Chinese Communist state energy firm and Hunter Biden that began slowly.

File: Dinner in DC_12-115Redacted.pdf
Christopher Wray, where are you?

The Hunter laptop from hell outlined some of this.

The shady Romanian deals were more of the same. Just the News’s John Solomon obtained the memos, the details, and the timeline.

The FBI has this information and does nothing except charge Donald Trump with free speech crimes over an insurrection that was a riot.

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