FBI Raids Home of Dem Councilwoman & Far-Left Blogger Husband Over Hacked Tucker Clips


On May 8, the home of media consultant and blogger Tim Burke and his wife, Tampa City Council member Democrat Lynn Hurtak, was searched by FBI agents. This was due to allegations that someone hacked Fox to get backstage video clips of Tucker. The hacked clips are allegedly embarrassing, although Tucker fans don’t seem to think so. The clips ended up with various far-left outlets like Media Matters, VICE, and the NY Times.

Blogger and washed-up leftist reporter Tim Burke tweets as @bubbaprog. He continuously tweeted his weird stuff until May 8.

Last week, the 44-year-old consultant told the Times he couldn’t tweet because he no longer had his phone but offered no more details before he stopped responding to a reporter’s calls.

Maybe the FBI has it.

He’s very clued into technology and has been for years.

Tampa Bay Times reports this news as their scoop.

The FBI is investigating federal crimes, including unauthorized computer access and conspiracy.

Carlson has been targeted in a series of selective leaks following his firing from Fox News last month — with leftist organization Media Matters publishing off-air content in which he made off-color remarks.

The best they could do was air Tucker cursing and joking.

Tim Burke, washed up leftist.
Tampa Bay Times Report

The FBI has reportedly opened an investigation into how unaired clips featuring former prime time host Tucker Carlson were leaked to Vice and Media Matters, which recently brought about a search at the home of a media consultant and his wife a Democrat city councilwoman.

In a letter obtained by the Tampa Bay Times on Thursday, a Tampa federal prosecutor described to Fox News the company’s ongoing criminal investigation into computer hacks.

Burke’s business website has been offline since the search, and his Twitter has not been updated. However, the Tampa Bay Times says he has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Burke runs the political and media consulting company Burke Communications and had also written for the Daily Beast and Deadspin.

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