AOC Town Hall Descends Into Chaos: “You’re a Piece of S***!”


A Friday night Town Hall led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a hardcore leftist, quickly devolved into chaos in Corona, Queens, NY. A group of citizens expressed frustration about illegal immigration, euphemistically called migration.

“You’re a piece of s**t!” some of AOC‘s constituents yelled.

AOC, the communista.

One man yelled, “American citizens before migrants,” as he approached the congresswoman while carrying American flags.

Video via FreedomNewsTV

One woman exclaimed, “We are on the verge of nuclear war with Russia!” The pro-AOC crowd was shocked and booed. They probably read the NY Times and have no clue how accurate that is. Security personnel promptly escorted the woman out after she kept interrupting.

The AOCers screamed, “Boo… get out of here.”

Are they unaware of the weekly escalation and the nuclear weapons Putin is putting on the border of Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine? Do they think Ukraine is winning this unnecessary war? Are they under the false impression that the sanctions work? One must wonder. We don’t have a free press. The US has five companies controlling the entire mainstream media. They tell us what we are allowed to know.


As Russia unites Eurasia and the Middle East, Biden alienates much of the world. As sanctions hurt the West, Russia finds ways to circumvent every sanction with the help of new allies throughout the world who want to dump the dollar and the United States.

Germany entered into recession. They were the most influential and wealthiest country in Europe.

None of this had to happen. They only had to declare Donetsk and Luhansk neutral (Minsk 2) and stop threatening Russia with NATO, says Alex in the clip below. Countries don’t want to go to nuclear war or any worldwide war over Ukraine.

It was unnecessary and “easily avoidable,” Alex says in the clip.

Alex is telling the truth in this clip. Especially listen to the comments about Nuland. She admits they’ve been planning Ukraine’s counteroffensive for half a year. All this talk about incremental escalation and blaming Russia for it is a lie. They want full-scale war with Russia.

Foolishly, Nuland says WEF-tied Ukraine will become the economic engine of Europe’s revitalization. It’s a complete lie.

Ukraine will set a Democratic example for the whole world, Nuland insists. That won’t happen.

Ukraine is an authoritarian, corrupt nation that jumps to Klaus Schwab’s orders.


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