FCC rejects demand to probe networks airing Trump’s virus briefings


FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai

Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a statement Monday, rejecting a probe into TV networks that broadcast the Trump administration’s virus briefings. They decided the President and some commentators are lying. This is where Democrats plan to take us.

The complaint was filed by the far-far-left advocacy group Free Press. Free Press is neo-Marxist and is tied to organizations such as Media Matters for AmericaAir America RadioGlobal ExchangeCode PinkFairness and Accuracy in Reporting, the Revolutionary Communist PartyMother Jones magazine, and Pacifica Radio.

Their proposed so-called investigation would have looked into broadcasters who have aired President Trump’s statements during briefings as well as related commentary regarding the pandemic by other on-air personalities.

The Washington Post echoed the far-left group’s ideas with columnist Margaret Sullivan who demanded that news networks stop live broadcasting Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings after labeling them as dangerous and destructive. [That’s ironic since WaPo is the very definition of fake news.] Rachel Maddow [a purveyor of conspiracy theories] and others have made the same demand along with numerous trolls on social media. CNN and MSNBC have stopped airing the press conferences.

The president’s briefings provide necessary information to the American people from the White House task force and have received high ratings. The President’s poll numbers have risen since he started giving them. Ironically, the press demanded them.

The FCC’s rejection was forceful, ruling on the side of freedom of the press under the First Amendment. Chairman Ajit Pai stated that it’s not their role to become “roving arbiters of broadcasters editorial judgments” nor discourage them from airing breaking news events involving government officials in the midst of the current global pandemic.

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