FEC commissioner who’s anti-electoral college claims mail-in voting’s fraud-free


FEC Commissioner Weintraub

Far-left Trump-hating FEC commissioner agrees with Twitter that mail-in voting is not rife with fraud. In fact, she says Republicans need to get behind it to keep people safe. If you believe mail-in voting is rife with fraud, you are a conspiracy theorist according to her. The leftist MSM is spreading her comments around as if it were gospel.


In June 2019, this far-left Democrat condemned President Trump for saying he might accept opposition research from a foreign government. She made no such complaint about Hillary’s opposition research used to impeach the President.

She has attacked the President before, but her most telling comments come in her trashing of the US electoral College on MSNBC, claiming she worries it disenfranchises voters.

If we lose that, we lose our Republic. If it disenfranchises anyone, it’s only because they don’t know what it is.

Appearing on MSNBC, she said that when she explains the U.S. system to foreign observers, they appear confused. Weintraub said she explains that typically a presidential candidate wins both the electoral and popular vote “and everyone’s happy.”

But she said that hasn’t been the case in some recent elections, though she did not name Trump’s 2016 election or that of former President George W. Bush in 2000.

“More recently that hasn’t been happening all the time,” she said on All In with Chris Hayes. “And I worry, that just like these other, where people from other countries were confused about it, that people in our own country will come to feel that the result is not legitimate.”

It doesn’t happen all the time, but Democrats like to destroy whatever doesn’t go their way.

She obviously doesn’t understand the electoral college system or she is deliberately misleading Americans.


If this woman is opposed to our Electoral College, she is opposed to our Republic and our Constitution. It falls naturally that she wouldn’t care about protecting the vote.



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