Fewer People Have Never Watched CNN in 22 Years – Massive Fail


Most TV-viewing Americans didn’t watch CNN during Father’s Day weekend.  The network continues to hemorrhage support from the demographic most coveted by advertisers.

As Clay Travis eloquently put it, “fewer people have never watched CNN in 22 years.”

Maybe they should stop obsessing on J6, the fake insurrection, and Trump. It’s become like that flight that disappeared in the Indian Ocean, M370. Don Lemon thought something spiritual happened or  the plane went into a black hole.

“Is it preposterous to think a black hole caused Flight 370 to go missing?” Don Lemon, the so-called journalist asked.

He also said at another time: “Something odd happened to this plane, something beyond our understanding.”

It was endless ridiculousness and that is still going on.


CNN managed only 67,000 average viewers between ages 25-54 from June 18-19 for its smallest weekend audience since 2000 in the category that pays the bills.

For context, anything below 100,000 is considered a massive fail.

It was the network’s third-worst performance in the critical demo during a weekend since 1993.

It was also the network’s smallest audience on a Saturday among the demo since October 1993 when only 58,000 tuned in, and only the second time that CNN delivered under 60,000 demo viewers on a Saturday in 29 years.

In total-day viewership, CNN had its smallest Saturday audience since 1997 and its smallest primetime audience on a Saturday since 2000, Fox News reports.


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