Fewer People Have Never Watched CNN in 22 Years – Massive Fail


Most TV-viewing Americans didn’t watch CNN during Father’s Day weekend.  The network continues to hemorrhage support from the demographic most coveted by advertisers.

As Clay Travis eloquently put it, “fewer people have never watched CNN in 22 years.”

Maybe they should stop obsessing on J6, the fake insurrection, and Trump. It’s become like that flight that disappeared in the Indian Ocean, M370. Don Lemon thought something spiritual happened or  the plane went into a black hole.

“Is it preposterous to think a black hole caused Flight 370 to go missing?” Don Lemon, the so-called journalist asked.

He also said at another time: “Something odd happened to this plane, something beyond our understanding.”

It was endless ridiculousness and that is still going on.


CNN managed only 67,000 average viewers between ages 25-54 from June 18-19 for its smallest weekend audience since 2000 in the category that pays the bills.

For context, anything below 100,000 is considered a massive fail.

It was the network’s third-worst performance in the critical demo during a weekend since 1993.

It was also the network’s smallest audience on a Saturday among the demo since October 1993 when only 58,000 tuned in, and only the second time that CNN delivered under 60,000 demo viewers on a Saturday in 29 years.

In total-day viewership, CNN had its smallest Saturday audience since 1997 and its smallest primetime audience on a Saturday since 2000, Fox News reports.


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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
6 days ago

Over 30 years ago while working for Pepsi, I was making deliveries to an Air Force Base . . couldn’t help noticing every building had a tv with Fox News on. I asked one of the officers why and he said, “Unlike CNN the communist news network, Fox was the only reliable news.”

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 days ago

There is something powerful keeping CNN running the way it has and is for so many years. It is not thriving on a yearn for or a commitment to leftist politics. The money comes from somewhere. It comes from deep corruption. After Zucker failed at NBC, he was not brought into CNN to fix the network, he was brought in to maintain and increase the disinformation. None of the powers who brought him in could have thought Zucker would improve things. Their intentions were not good. And notice how long this soap opera drags on, though we hear that CNN will have a big reorg any day. What are those forces which keep CNN the way it is? I suspect those forces come from within government and associated NGOs.

6 days ago

Liberalism is being banished by Gen-Z and even Millennials. Over the last Week, I watched a Miracle take place. Last Friday, my teenage daughter and my Sister got into a heated argument over Abortion. The phone call ended when my Sister hung up after my Daughter told my Sister, “Auntie, Dad’s Right. you are Batshit Crazy!” I wonder where she got that from? Anyway, we had a short conversation and my Daughter told that my Sister was trying to indoctrinate her into believing that Abortion even after Birth was OK!. My Daughter has been brought up as both a Buddhist and a Catholic and solidly believes Life begins at Conception. Personally, I lean towards natural viability as a matter of Law.

What I realized in all of this was the mixed messaging we have been giving children for maybe 50 years. We tell them to listen to teachers, but deep down in their souls, children know when they are being indoctrinated and gaslighted. During Covid, Parents saw the garbage being taught to children and now even our children feel empowered to fight back against indoctrination.

This is why the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers have already lost. They have gone so far over the line into La-La-Land, that even children knew it. All they needed was for parents to realize what our children were being taught in order to fight back on their own. This may be why there is no discipline in Public Schools. Our children have been telling us teachers are loony-tunes for 50 years and we haven’t been listening while they have been trying to fight back on their own the whole time.

Now the question for America Society is why are most Academics Loony-tunes? It’s simple, Academics and Government Workers don’t live in the real world. Both have tenure, a guaranteed job even when unqualified. All Academics and Government Workers need to do in life is “go with the flow” and that is what schooling now trains them to do. The American School system turns some of the brightest kids in the world into mindless BOTS. That is why we need States to adopted voucher systems to bring back competition in schooling and get the Federal Government completely out of the One Size fits None Education System the Federal Government has created.

People turning their backs on CNN is just a sign of what’s coming. Americans no longer trust the Main Stream News, Social Media, or their Government. There is a Revolution coming, either Political or Kinetic. Either way Liberalism in all it’s forms will be crushed.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
6 days ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Very well said. It’s refreshing to know there are many like minded free thinking people like yourself. Iron sharpens iron. Thank you.