First Arrest in Durham Vandalism of the Monument to Confederate Soldiers


Takiya Thompson

WRAL reports that a North Carolina University student Takiya Thompson was arrested Tuesday for helping to topple a monument of a confederate soldier. The Durham County police are looking to arrest other vandals involved.

She used a ladder to scale the monument and tie a strap around it so it could be pulled down.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said, “Let me be clear, no one is getting away with what happened. We will find the people responsible. We can all agree yesterday went too far. Yesterday was not the Durham I know.”

Thompson said in a separate news conference, “That statue glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in, and it had to go.”

What horsedung!

The NY Times described the participants as members of the Workers’ Party [communist party], socialists and Antifa.

The media cheered this act of vandalism and the desecration of a monument to dead soldiers.

Listen to the Durham criminals if you have the stomach. She’s a bigot and has a very distorted view of reality.

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