First Responder at Stoneman Says He Was Ordered to Stand Down


A reporter for Channel 7 news in Miami, Brian Entin, took down information from a First Responder who told him he was ordered to stand down during the Parkland shootings.

A First Responder who was one of the first on the scene of the shootings at Parkland was told to stand down. He wanted to go in and try to save lives but he was told he couldn’t until the scene was cleared.  “Everything I was trained on mass casualty events says they did the wrong thing,” he said.

“You can’t leave the victims laying there.”

“Rapid evacuation of the wounded. All they had to do was drag them out of the building. And we could have started medical care,” he continued.

They left them standing around even though they would eagerly have risked their lives. He doesn’t know if he could have saved lives.

The responder wishes to stay anonymous so he doesn’t get fired.

Several other responders said the same thing. They were begging to go in and believed they could have saved lives.

In response, Broward Sheriff Israel said he made the call because they didn’t know where the shooter was. “We are confident that this risk of danger to our paramedics was used in their decision-making process.”

The disgraced deputy Scot Peterson also spoke for the first time through his lawyer. Peterson initially received a call of firecrackers — and not gunfire. He then heard gunshots but thought they were coming from outside, not inside. On the other hand, Sheriff Israel said he didn’t find out for days that Peterson didn’t go in, but didn’t know how many days.

The Quotes from reporter Brian Entin

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David Gerard Turco
David Gerard Turco
5 years ago

Q: How do you ‘clear’ as scene without going in to clear it?

Discuss among yourselves.

5 years ago

There must be some mistake. EVERYONE know’s that the entire disaster and everything bad that happened that day is a result of guns. NOT the sheriff’s department standing around pissing themselves.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

Exponential increase of people and of expenditures will never defeat the evil for such crimes. However, we will see ALL SIDES call for such stuff. It’s the easiest way to retain or gain power over a people who have lost their way.