Flake Says “We Can’t Have That on the Court”, Meaning Brett Kavanaugh


After Brett Kavanaugh’s heartbreaking testimony last week, which was in response to his life being destroyed, RINO Jeff Flake said he was troubled hearing the judge’s address. Flake says Kavanaugh was “sharp and partisan”.


“I was very troubled by the tone of the remarks,” Flake said in a panel discussion alongside Democratic Senator Chris Coons at the Atlantic Festival on Tuesday.

“We can’t have that on the Court,” said the Arizona senator, who didn’t elaborate on which interactions he was referring to.

In truth, the partisans on the court are the Democrats. Kavanaugh follows the Constitution. Apparently, Flake sees the Constitution as partisan.

“The initial defense that Judge Kavanaugh gave was something like, I told my wife: ‘I hope that I sound that indignant if I was unjustly maligned,’” Flake added. “But then it went on, and the interaction with the members was sharp and partisan and that concerns me.”

The senator added that he wanted to give Kavanaugh “a little leeway because of what he has been through.”

The Atlantic called Flake’s betrayal of the Republican Party and of Brett Kavanaugh a “gentleman’s agreement” with Chris Coons.

Coons is very far-left and he’s a good friend of Flake’s.

Flake has no intention of voting for Kavanaugh and never did. Meanwhile, the Senate Republicans are jumping through hoops to please him. We’ll see. Hopefully, he will surprise us.


Flake is regurgitating the Democrat talking points demonizing Judge Kavanaugh’s outstanding testimony. Just today Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) ranted on the Senate floor with comments along the same lines. He even got in a few wisecracks aimed at Fox News.

“Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony was better suited for Fox News than a confirmation hearing for the august United States Supreme Court,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.

Kavanaugh gave such compelling testimony that the Democrats and Flake need to trash it and him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Blasey Ford lied several times and all they can say is it was heart wrenching and very credible testimony.


  1. SUM BE-ITCH! Whadaya spose ‘is MOTVE was in demanding FBI investigation for the illusory promise of his vote?
    Was it delay in the Senate vote? Why would ‘e want that? Elementary, My dear Watson.
    The delay of the Senate vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation is to give the enemy the chance to suicide one or more of the accusers and blame Kavanaugh and his nomination, and thereby turn the Senate vote to no in an agony of guilt feelings and remorse.
    The accusers need to be guarded carefully. The enemy has used their mental and emotional weaknesses to get them to adopt wild accusations. They probably believe them. Now the enemy plans to set them up for one or more fake suicides, which the enemy will blame on Kavanaugh and his nomination, to prevent confirmation. This has been their goal all along, not the representation of the accusers. The communists kill for political purposes. It’s their M.O.
    Whatever one might think of these accusers, we don’t want to find any of them hanging from a doorknob or flung from a high place such as a high-rise or bridge. They might injure people or pets below, cause property damage and extensive clean-up expenses, or pollute San Francisco Bay.
    Confirm Kavanaugh now. Immediately if not sooner.

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