FNC War Correspondent: Russian Victory Is Assured


Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan returned from Ukraine and noted that Russian victory in Ukraine is a foregone conclusion – Ukraine will be flattened if needed. It’s flattened and they lost.

“It’s a long term tragedy. We’re watching people get slaughtered and we’ll watch it for years to come,” he says.

The Russians don’t care if it will take 40 years and NATO will help them do it.

The US war machine is looking at another long-term conflict with death and destruction as Ukrainians fight to keep what they have. It was needless, and it could have been avoided.



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Strategery by El Rushbo
Strategery by El Rushbo
1 year ago

‘The strategy of positioning evades reality and confronts through illusion.’

Sun Tzu


the medium is the message
the medium is the message
1 year ago

But, but, but, the teevee and social media said they are losing the hearts and minds?
Muh hashtag, my blue and yellow flag, I poured out my vodka and want shirkers like Tucker arrested. (sarc)
Team Zelensky hasn’t put on the sliced onion tearjerker show yet and we are led by insane delusional power mad freaks so this sh1tshow isn’t over.