Foreign [Likely Russian] Bots Promote Sen. McCain, Bash President Trump


The mainstream media won’t tell you this but foreign bots [likely Russian] are trashing Trump and promoting John McCain. Mostly the trolls want to sow discord in the United States and have little interest in which party is in power. They want to hurt all of us.

Adam Schiff has been making a lot out of a tiny number of bots retweeting the House Intelligence Committee (Nunes) memo, but he will be silent on this information. Julian Assange tweeted about it with screenshots of examples.

If you go to articles referenced by the bots, you will find them repeating the same story, almost word-for-word. Basically, this is what they write:

“Despite his illness, McCain showed that he has one of the great minds in public life and remains a true American hero who stands up for his country first,” it reports.

“McCain did not do a very good job when he ran for president, but he continues to show that he has the intelligence, experience, and savvy that a good president needs, unlike Trump, who has turned out to be a partisan who cares more about himself than America,” it said later in the article.

All of the articles then segue into comments against Trump:

Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who late night host Jimmy Kimmel last night called the president’s “lap dog,” both do a disservice to all Americans by diverting attention from the real problem of a foreign country trying to subvert our democracy.

Shouldn’t we launch an investigation to determine if McCain is involved with Russians and paid them to tweet this? Shouldn’t we check McCain’s financial records and spy on him? We need to call for a special counsel.

While that last paragraph is sarcasm, it’s not far from what the left-wing is doing to Donald Jr., his father, Carter Page and others in the administration.

McCain’s strong defense of corruption

Crazy-as-a-bat McCain gave an absolutely vile statement about the so-called attack on the FBI and DoJ. It’s not an attack if they are exposing corruption in a vital government agency. We all know that, but John McCain and his far-left Democrat friends don’t.

He wrote this immediately after the Nunes memo was released. He’s not a Republican and he’s not a friend of Americans. He would rather sit on this corruption and allow it to fester. Is it because they might turn up something that won’t help his legacy? He is knee-deep in the dossier.

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