Former DNI warns many “are under China’s influence— Mayors, Governors”


Former Acting DNI and Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell explained on Newmax’s ‘Stinchfield’ that Chinese spies have infiltrated academia as well as politics.

He said that Speaker Pelosi was “warned that members of Congress, mayors, local officials, and US governors, have been targeted by the Chinese. This is extremely deep.”

“This is not the only case. I can assure you there are many members of Congress and Democrat governors and local officials who have been targeted by the Chinese and the Chinese have pushed leverage. It has picked up during COVID because they saw their reputation completely tank because of what the intelligence community made clear, that COVID-19 started in China. ”

Grenell noted that Eric Swalwell spent years “downplaying the threat and overhyping the Russian threat. There needs to be a full investigation.”

The House and Senate Intelligence Committees should investigate immediately, he believes.

Mr. Grenell added, “I know for a fact that many have been targeted and have gotten defensive briefings…it will all be coming out.”


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