Jonathan Turley nukes Judge Sullivan for flogging the corpse in a dead case


Jonathan Turley smacks Judge Emmet Sullivan around beautifully in an article titled, Fynn’s Cadaver Synod: The Court Dismisses A Dead Case But Not Before It Flogs the Corpse.

We all know Judge Sullivan finally gave up on his quest to imprison military hero, Michael Flynn. But Sullivan kept the case going after the DOJ dismissed it.

Sullivan “refused to part with the case,” a minor case over a minor Federal crime. He wouldn’t make a decision, and the threat of imprisonment loomed over the General.

Flynn was framed and the case was not defensible. It didn’t matter to Sullivan. He then tried to keep it going after a full pardon was issued. He failed but assumed the role of jury and executioner on his way out.

Turley concludes after paragraphs anhilating Sullivan with his own behaviors and lack of judgment:

So, on Tuesday, Sullivan decided to skip a trial and just declare Flynn guilty. Claiming, bizarrely, that dismissing the case after charges were dropped by prosecutors was a “close question,” he reluctantly accepted that the pardon meant there literally was no crime to prosecute. Yet, he proceeded to prove the case against Flynn and declared “a pardon does not necessarily render ‘innocent’ a defendant of any alleged violation of the law.” Of course, it also does not mean he is guilty.

Sullivan faced certain reversal if he did not dismiss the case after charges were dropped. While he acknowledged that he is not supposed to “second-guess” charging decisions, he not only substituted his own judgment but issued an effective decision on the merits.

Sullivan’s quasi-verdict is as close to a posthumous execution as we have ever come in this county.

The problem is that Flynn is still very much alive.

At least when Pope Stephen pulled out the dead body of Pope Formosus in the year 897, he gave his predecessor a trial — the “Cadaver Synod.” After being found guilty, three of Formosus’s fingers were severed before his corpse was thrown into the Tiber River.

Judge Sullivan’s modern version of the “Cadaver Synod” thankfully left Flynn’s fingers intact — but I cannot say the same for our judicial system.

Read the entire essay on this link.

The handling of this case was a great injustice. We can expect more with far-left Democrats back in charge — perhaps forever.

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