Former EU Envoy Taught Paragliding to Gazans 3 Months Ago


A former European Union ambassador to the Gaza Strip posted a video of himself conducting “the first Gaza paragliding flight in history” just three months before Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory in trucks and paragliders before murdering hundreds of civilians.

According to The Judean, he used his diplomatic status to smuggle a motorized paraglide into Gaza to show Gazans how it was used, the same [paraglides] used [on October 7]. He is still refusing to condemn Hamas.

Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, a German diplomat, shouted, “Free Palestine!” as he glided through the air earlier this year. In a video statement, von Burgsdorff told Gaza citizens that they, too, could partake in activities like paragliding or kayaking in the near future.

“First Gaza paragliding flight in history!” the smiling diplomat boasted. “What does it tell us? You can fly here, you can kayak, you can horse ride, you can swim, you can surf. Everything is possible in Gaza. Once we have free Palestine and free Gaza, you can do exactly the same thing. And that’s the reason why I did this. To show you the way forward. And we worked for it, okay?”

He portrayed it as recreational, but he won’t condemn Hamas, an evil terrorist organization. His recreational activity was used to kill young Israelis partying.

The Israeli government condemned the stunt at the time, calling it a “proactive” move that only sought to empower Hamas.

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