GOP Rep Suggests America First a Nazi Movement


Nebraskan Representative Don Bacon, allegedly a Republican, went out of his way to see that Jim Jordan lost last week. He called him a “loser” and was involved in a phone conversation with a lobbying firm tied to Mitch McConnell. During the call, now well-publicized, they decided to lead the fight against Jim Jordan for speaker of the House.

Don Bacon is a RINO and he is leading the fight to get a RINO speaker. It’s hard to believe Nebraska voted for him.

Worse than his vicious contempt for Jim Jordan is his contempt for the majority of his fellow Republicans.

Bizarrely, he called the America First movement something right out of the 1930s. He’s comparing putting America first to Nazi Germany.

The correlation escapes me, but it is something that Democrats like to say while they run around marching for Hamas, a terrorist organization committed to killing Jews.

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