Former FBI Assistant Director Says “Of Course” Mueller Investigation Is “a Cover Up” – “It’s a Farce”


Fox News host David Asman interviewed former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom about the Mueller investigation now seeming to look into everything but the Hillary Clinton-Russia connection.

“Wasn’t Russia the focus of his investigation?” Asman asked. “Is there a cover up going on here?” Hillary’s lying came up.

Kallstrom said, “Of course it’s a cover up and of course Hillary Clinton lies, she’s a pathological liar, David, I mean, she’s lied her whole life.”

Asman asked the former assistant director, “But Mueller, Mueller’s investigation is supposed to look into Russia. We have clear evidence that there’s a connection between the DNC, the Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS and Russia. Isn’t that the sort of thing that Mueller’s team is supposed to be looking at?”

Kallstrom brought up the fact that Rosenstein who appointed Mueller who he knows has a “conflict of interest about 20 miles wide with Jim Comey. So I mean it’s a violation of the statute that enables the special counsel. You know, and it says a lot about his lack of credibility and his lack of ethics that he would even accept the post. So who knows what he’s doing?”

“I mean it just looks like he’s basically following the breadcrumbs of this perpetrated fraud that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and the rest of them have tried to basically to enable, [attacking] the duly-elected President of the United States. You know it’s 99% smoke, I mean it’s BS.”

“But if you’re looking for a connection between Russia and meddling in the US election,” Asman said, “why not look at what Fusion GPS was doing with the DNC and the Hillary Campaign in putting out Russian-made dirt on Donald Trump?”

“Oh, without question, said Kallstrom,” I mean it’s like, David, it’s like a giant in the woods that you kind of just walk by and don’t see, I mean it’s pathetic. And not only that, how about John Podesta? How about Podesta’s brother? How about all of the interests that they have had with Russia over the time?”

“So if you want to look at Russia, and the government, those people associated with the government, I mean they’re looking in the wrong place,” Kallstrom continued. “And, are they going to indict a few people? Sure. Is it right what they’re doing? I don’t think so. They’re not looking at the huge issues of the day like the unmasking of hundreds and hundreds of citizens of this country.”

As far as Comey is concerned, Kallstrom said, “Basically went astray from the very beginning of this thing. I mean, when he gets a referral from the intelligence community passed through the Justice Department that has a flag on it that basically doesn’t allow him to put people before the grand jury, right then and there you know the whole thing is a farce.”

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