Former NBC Host Wants Trump to Stop Talking About Political Correctness


In the midst of endless political correctness, particularly when it comes to terrorists, former NBC host David Gregory took exception to President Trump talking about political correctness, claiming “it’s not helpful”.

“There are lots of people including on CNN’s air who have the experience, who have been in this terror war for a long time who could focus on what actually works and what doesn’t work,” Gregory said. “Talking about being less politically correct and that, that’s not helpful. That’s not leading. That’s not getting to solve the problem.”

Political correctness is part of the problem David. We aren’t recognizing the actual problem because of political correctness and as a result, we won’t find the correct solutions. People fear being called Islamophobes.

The President is trying to solve the problem but he can’t even impose a legal travel ban against terror nations because of judicial activists. When he tries to put reasonable immigration rules in place, the establishment goes off the rails, including globalist Republicans. Whatever people think of the President’s policies, he has an uncanny knack for zeroing on the core problems.

If Gregory were to do his job, he’d notice the serious, transformative problems that political correctness is causing in our culture.

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