Former President Trump Files a Motion to Recuse Judge Merchan


Donald Trump filed a motion to recuse Judge Juan Merchan in the Stormy Hooker case due to his “unacceptable interest” in the proceedings.

In a motion filed this week, Trump claims that Merchan’s daughter is the president of a political consulting firm that has worked with Democrats, engaged in fundraising solicitations based on Trump’s criminal indictment, and has financially benefited from the case.

“Your Honor’s daughter, Loren Merchan, has a direct financial interest in these proceedings by virtue of her ownership stake and leadership role at Authentic Campaigns, Inc.,” Trump says in the filing.

The media is mocking him for the filing because they aren’t reporters. They’re propagandists for the far-left Democrats.’

Merchan rejected a similar motion last summer, finding that Trump “failed to demonstrate that there exists concrete, or even realistic reasons for recusal to be appropriate, much less required.”

Trump had cited Merchan’s daughter’s position working for clients like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

He says now that things have changed as he is the presumptive nominee, and Merchan wields “enormous power” in this case to “incarcerate and incapacitate” Trump, which could serve to benefit his daughter’s businesses with Democratic election wins, Trump says.

“Since the court’s recusal ruling, President Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee and the leading candidate in the 2024 Presidential election,” Trump says in the motion. “The trial that the court has scheduled will impede President Trump’s efforts to campaign against President Biden and Vice President Harris — whose status Authentic actively markets to generate new business — and to support the campaigns of other politicians who are direct opponents of Authentic’s clients.”

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