Former Trump Official Shot in Broad Daylight in Attempted Hijacking


Mike Gill, formerly the chief operating officer at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, was shot during the encounter, Fox News reports.

Gill’s family said he was in the area of the 900 block of K Street NW in broad daylight, around 5:45 p.m. on Monday.

Mike Gill

The suspect allegedly entered Gill’s car and shot him before fleeing with the vehicle.

Gill is in critical condition but said he feels lucky to be alive.

He is a married father of three.

Homicides in 2023 are up 35%, robberies are up 67%, violent crime is up 39%, and carjacking is up 82% in the Capital of our nation.

What a disgrace.

Radical Mayor Bowser doesn’t think carjackings are a violent crime.

The suspect killed another victim, hijacked his car, and engaged in two more carjackings. Police shot and killed him in North Carrollton after he approached police armed.

Gill is currently senior vice president for Capital Markets at the Housing Policy Council. The organization’s website describes it as “a trade association whose members are among the nation’s leading mortgage originators, servicers, insurers & data/settlement service providers.”

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
20 days ago

Congress has authority over DC and it does nothing. Bowser is the girlfriend of Donna Brazile,

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
20 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Isn’t Mayor Bowser the one who refused the offer to increase the police or have national guard presence on January 6 ?

She is part of those who wanted Jan6 to turn into a mess, those who had planned to entrap Trump supporters by embedding over 200 Ray Epps type of ” insurrection inciters”, and keeping police presence to a minimum…so they d have a reason to prosecute and persecute hundreds of Trump supporters and Trump himself.

Evidence that Jan6 was a gigantic entrapment operation is impossible to deny. ( Ray Epps free as a bird…Pipe bomber, free as a bird…but there is much more as informed people know)

I think democrats want crime rates to go up, so they can then “justify” getting rid of the second amendment.

Yes it means more people dying but they are evil enough to do something like that.

Sick of it all
Sick of it all
20 days ago

The criminals are emboldened enough to strike in broad daylight. Isn’t DC a gun free zone? Just saying.