Former U.S. Prosecutor Points to Obvious Political Bias in Probes


Former U.S. prosecutor Andy McCarthy has been writing detailed and accurate articles about the Deep State at NRO. He finds it unpleasant because he worked with many of the culprits at DoJ/FBI for 20 to 30 years.

Mr. McCarthy sees the Clinton probe as “rigged”. As an example, he pointed to how Trump was treated over his alleged dog whistles to Comey about Flynn and asked listeners to compare that to how Obama was treated when he publicly laid out how the Clinton case was to be handled. Mr. Obama’s odd interpretation of the Espionage Act is what the FBI used to exonerate Hillary, even before she or any other key players were interviewed.

Mr. McCarthy noted that no attention was paid to Hillary’s Bleach Bit and hammering of her hard drives.

The former prosecutor pointed out that Peter Strzok said we have to wrap up the Clinton investigation and he said that immediately after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. In other words, he made the Russia probe the focus of the investigation after that. To the agents, the Clinton and Russia probes were all the same — part of one thing, Mr. McCarthy said.

When Cruz dropped out of the race, the first reaction Strzok had was, “‘It’s an opportunity for him to get to some unfinished business’ and “to him,” McCarthy said, “it was all one thing.”

That is to say, Peter Strzok took the opportunity to drop Clinton’s probe and get to unfinished business to stop Trump.


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