Founding Father of Fake News Dan Rather Says Illegal Leaks Are a “Public Service”


Dan Rather is the truly awful journalist who will never go away. He is trying to resurrect his career as a Trump hater. Rather became famous for reporting extensively about obviously forged documents to trash George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service. Rather, whose character hasn’t improved, was out today calling the illegal leaks a PUBLIC SERVICE!

The hill reported:

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather on Tuesday commended recent leaks to the press, including a climate change report published by the New York Times, calling leaks a “public service” to Americans.

“Obviously President Trump and those in his administration didn’t want this information out, but somebody somewhere said the public needs to know this,” Rather said on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes.”

Rather pointed to a leaked report published by The New York Times that revealed climate scientists who work for the federal government fear the Trump administration will try to suppress a new study on climate change’s impact on the U.S.

“They did a public service by letting somebody in journalism, in this case, the New York Times, know it,” Rather told Hayes.

Another leak about a warrant that allows the FBI to “kick down doors”

The raid of one of Paul Manafort’s houses, which took place three weeks ago, the day after his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was another illegal leak. Illegal leaks are now being considered a good thing by the majority of the media, not just Dan Rather.

The Washington Post reports that on July 26 documents and other materials were seized by agents working with Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller apparently can’t stop leaks or won’t! Maybe he is directing the leaks.

The raid included materials they already received from Manafort. Manafort’s lawyer said all they had to do was ask for them.

The media talking heads were very dramatic. One said that obtaining a warrant for a raid means they could “kick down his door”.

Oh, wow.

There is a definite push, however, to get Manafort. Rumors have been circulating that Mueller’s team wants to get Manafort for a crime so he can turn state’s evidence against President Trump. It is possible he is guilty of shady dealings. He looks to be in some trouble.

In terms of transparency, it isn’t the administration holding back, and this is according to Jake Tapper, a CNN neverTrumper.

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