Fox cut away during presser — not allowing viewers to see the rioters at their worst


During a press briefing on Friday, the press secretary was describing the federal response to violent protests in Portland when Fox News cut away, saying, “We were not expecting that video.”

The cursing or violence was apparently too much for Fox’s sensibilities.

The video displayed behind Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany at the White House podium contained scenes of rioting. In one scene, a demonstrator taunted police officers, saying, “I hope someone kills your whole f—ing family. I hope they kill you, too. I hope someone burns down your whole precinct with all-you-all inside. Can’t wait to see it.”

McEnany said, “As you can see, that is anything but a peaceful protest.”

That is when Fox News cut away, host Harris Faulkner explaining that Fox management “decided we will pull away from that at this time.”

The profanity used by the demonstrator was edited from the video the White House showed.


They cut away again when the press secretary showed little children cheering the police.

Full presser the media, and Fox, do NOT want you to watch. Go to 30:43 for the video of the children cheering the police:

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