Fox News Hires Bubblehead Marie Harf as a Political Analyst


Marie Harf scratching her head Fox News just made a truly perplexing hire. Marie Harf is now a commentator on Fox News. The former State Department spokesperson under Obama is known for spin. Fox News must want to earn that Fake News title.

Political Analysis from a Dingbat

The silly woman will “offer national security and political analysis”. She’s going to be on Martha McCallum’s new show. I guess they want to destroy the show right out of the gate.

As spokesperson and puppet for John Kerry, in early 2015, she  argued that to effectively fight the Islamic State, “we need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s a lack of opportunity for jobs.”

We can’t defeat ISIS by “killing them” she said in all seriousness.

After she made her comments, ISIS accounts on twitter posted their qualifications and college degrees, adding that they didn’t want jobs.

Twitter went wild, recommending jobs for the displaced ISIS terrorists. Some of the suggestions: minesweeper, target practice, human resource officers, Walmart greeter, dealing with illegally imported Democrats, professional Democrat activist, camp counselors, fast food workers, sign makers.

Harf, the Islamic terrorist apologist said “war on terrorism” is not a term she would use.

The John Kerry tool was criticized by Fox News.

Fox News under the liberal Rupert boys might not fare well if this keeps up.

Fox News recently failed to renew contracts for commentators Stacey Dash, Marvin Kalb, Ed Rollins, George Will who famously fought with Bill O’Reilly over his book, Killing Reagan.

Marie Harf once whined that Bill O’Reilly was a sexist because he said Jen Psaki was out of her depth. Psaki was out of her league. She couldn’t answer a question.

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