Fox News Dumps John Solomon


John Solomon has departed Fox News. His tenure at Fox was short-lived. He joined the cable news channel in October of last year. Oddly, he was hired after his news articles were moved to the Opinion side of The Hill. Complaints had come in about his reporting.

He was a frequent guest on ‘Hannity,’ but disappeared from the network in July except for some Fox Business appearances.

The Daily Beast reported that he is no longer referred to as a Fox News contributor.  He’s referred to as editor-in-chief of “Just The News” or as an author, The Daily Beast added.

Solomon was named by the impeachment whistleblower in the complaint multiple times. That was the beginning of the end.

As for The Hill, it announced in 2019 that it was “reviewing” and “updating” Solomon’s Ukraine-related columns after information came out showing he often spoke with President Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian associates.

A few months later, in February 2020, The Hill determined that multiple articles Solomon wrote were misleading – the publication also publicly suggested Fox News should not have called him an “investigative journalist,” as they at times had.

Around the time Solomon disappeared from Fox News, I happened to turn on The Revolution, a Sunday night Fox News show, and the host called Solomon, Victoria Toensing, Joe DiGenova ‘grifters.’

Then Solomon, Toensing, and DiGenova were officially gone.

So, when is Fox going to get rid of Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Marie Harf, and Jessica Tarlov? Now, those are grifters spouting Dem talking points who are in constant contact with the high-powered Democrat operatives — to be fair.

There’s more at The Daily Caller

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