Last call before closing time


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Republican Politicians, Ignore This At Your GREAT Peril: Last call before closing time

By Floy Jackson

The time is NOW… the place is exactly where we stand… this IS America’s Last Stand

To EVERY Republican officeholder, EVERY GOP member of congress, State and County Officeholder take note: Republican voters have had ENOUGH.  We will not tolerate a single additional betrayal, not one.

With every passing day since election day, Nov.3, we are hearing about what can only be described as MASSIVE Voter Fraud by the DNC.  They have utilized their (usual) dozen forms of fraud and added a few heretofore, not heard of.

Take note GOP, we have long known about most of what has recently transpired, AND SO HAVE YOU.  In fact, there is documented, at least FIFTY YEARS of ever-growing DNC fraud. We are fed up with the RNC’s utter and complete lack of interest or action … DONE.

Despite we have dutifully reported the fraud, have provided videos, pictures, EVIDENCE, Republican officials have ignored all of it. In fact, many have often wondered, with fraud SO OBVIOUS, have certain GOP Good Ole Boys … the Old Republican Guard, made some backroom deals with Deep State Democrats?  Something like, “let us endlessly keep our little wedges of the power pie and we will just keep looking away.”

Hillary won the popular vote by how many? 3 Million?

In 2016, there were 3.5 MILLION more registered voters than voting aged citizens in America. And mind you Mr./Ms. GOP politician, THIS just reflects cover given to the illegal alien vote?

What’s that you say?  “Illegals can’t vote?”  Not only CAN they but they most certainly do vote.  In fact, just prior to the 2016 elections, President Obama went on national TV and gave his blessings for illegals to go vote. When the interviewer suggested there may be consequences for illegals voting, Obama stated, “NOT true,” followed by essentially telling illegals, nobody is keeping track.

Remember the Mall of America shooting? The perpetrator, a citizen of Turkey, was a registered Democrat, Hillary supporter who voted in at least 3 Elections.

All while Democrats fight tooth and nail against Photo Voter ID. They claim poor people don’t have ID’s (all people on any public assistance HAVE photo ID’s), Black Americans lack the intellect to supply themselves with ID’s (the enormous insult of racism by low expectations).  I bet you thought Democrats insist illegals need drivers’ licenses due to concern about their inability to drive to their illegal jobs!  One simple check of a box registers them to vote, yes there’s that.

How Democrats Steal Elections – Top 10 Methods of Liberal Vote Fraud

Here is a shortlist of the most commonly, LONG used voter fraud:

  1. Over-Voting.In Democrat strongholds like St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Detroit, some precincts had 100% of their registered voters voting, with 99% of the ballots going to Gore. Clearly, multiple voting resulted in extra tallies for Gore in the 2000 election.(New York Post, 12/09/00).
  2. Dead Voters. This classic Democratic method of vote fraud goes all the way back to 1960 in Chicago and Dallas. The 2000 election was no exception. In Miami-Dade County, for example, some of the 144 ineligible votes (those which officials actually admitted to) were cast by dead people, including a Haitian-American who’s been deceased since 1977(Miami-Herald, 12/24/00).
  3. Mystery Voters. These “voters” cast votes anyway but are not even registered to vote. In heavily Democratic Broward County, for example, more than 400 ballots were cast by non-registered voters. (Miami-Herald 1/09/01)
  4. Military ballots. Many of these votes were disqualified for the most mundane and trivial reasons. At least 1,527 valid military ballots were discarded in Florida by Democratic vote counters(Drudge Report, 11/19/00).
  5. Criminals. Felons are a natural Democratic voter and they’re protected on voter rolls across the country. In Florida at least 445 ex-convicts – including rapists and murderers — voted illegally on November 7th. Nearly all of them were registered, Democrats.(Miami-Herald 12/01/00)
  6. Illegal aliens.These voters have long been a core liberal constituency, especially in California. In Orange County in 1996, Rep. Bob Dornan had his congressional seat stolen from him when thousands of illegal aliens voted for Loretta Sanchez(Christian Science Monitor, 9/2/97).
  7. Vote-buying.Purchasing votes has long been a traditional scheme by Democrats, and not just with money. In the 2000 election in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Democratic workers initiate a “smokes-for-votes” campaign in which they paid dozens of homeless men with cigarettes if they cast ballots for Al Gore(Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 11/14/00).
  8. Phantom Voters.These voters don’t really exist, but their ballots do. In the 1996 Lousiana Senate race, GOP candidate Woody Jenkins had the election stolen from him when he discovered that 7,454 actual votes were cast but had no paper trail to authenticate them(Behind the Headlines, F.R. Duplantier, 4/27/97).
  9. Dimpled chads.Those infamous punch-cards were a ballot bonanza for Al Gore. Democratic poll workers in Palm Beach, Dade and Broward counties tampered and manipulated thousands of ineligible ballots and counted them for Gore, even though no clear vote could be discerned.( 11/27, 12/22, 11/18, 11/19/00).
  10. Absentee ballots.Normally it’s assumed that Republicans benefit from absentee ballots. But in the case of Miami’s 1997 mayoral election, hundreds of absentee ballots were made for sale or sent out to non-Miami residents. The fraud was so extensive in the race that the final results were overturned in court(FL Dept. of Law Enforcement Report, 1/5/98).

Ah the Touchscreen machines, SUCH fun.  There have been complaints made along with video evidence of touchscreen votes being switched. 2016, touch the screen for Donald Trump, watch the box light up for Hillary.  Or the many complaints where the size of the touch area for Democrats are enormous, the area for Republican candidates, itsy bitsy.  It’s been going on for YEARS.

Some video examples can be seen here at the NY Post. 

Think that’s crazy? Just do a simple search, “Project Veritas voter fraud,” you will find all sorts of goodies.  There are videos of touchscreen machines changing votes before your very eyes. DNC operatives have been bragging and laughing for YEARS about their, “Easy Peezy,” stolen seats.

America, NONE of this is new.  Republicans just simply were not interested.

New and Improved Fraud; When the Federal Govt targets AMERICANS

Despite plenty of DNC fraud in 2016, 2012, this time Democrats came, “loaded for bear.”  They had no intention of underestimating Donald Trump again.  So they did what they have become really good at Weaponizing the All-Mighty and Powerful Federal Government AGAINST its own people.  We saw the beginnings of this when Obama weaponized the IRS and several other federal bullies against any group in America associated with, “patriots,” or any who may in any way disagree with his administration.

IRS bigshot, Lois Lerner, was never held accountable.  In fact, she was rewarded with a big fat pension for the rest of her days. The message sent: Abuse your power and you will be well rewarded.

If there are any true American heroes we can have great faith in, that would be attorney Sidney Power (former federal prosecutor, author of Licensed to Lie exposing extreme corruption in the DOJ) and Lt. General McInerney.  Both of these rock-solid, courageous people have stepped up and informed us, two CIA programs used to meddle in foreign elections have been unleashed upon America in this election.  Even more disturbing, there apparently are indications Obama and Biden utilized these programs in their 2012 election.

These programs are primarily employed at the critical point when ballot totals are transmitted via the internet to main election office collection centers. Both of these CIA programs were taken away from this federal agency and privatized by John Brennon and James Clapper in 2009. They claim they, “commandeered,” these two programs have been backed up by former CIA contractor and whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery.  He also happens to be the man who authored and built The Hammer program.


Lindsey Graham, we all saw the fear in your eyes before the election. Did you realize THIS time it would be your seat they stole? Exactly how Al Franken won his seat, absolute FRAUD and you let it happen.  Franken was the 60th vote for Obamacare.

There are many, MANY GOP voters who are stating unequivocally if Republicans allow the DNC to steal this presidency, they will never vote again.  I believe them, you should too.  After so many years of being betrayed by the GOP establishment, this IS their last stand.  In fact, this is AMERICA’S last stand.

If Democrats are allowed to take control this time, are allowed to steal this presidency, America is finished.  If they succeed in this massive fraud, the DNC will make damned good and sure they will never again give up absolute power. These ARE the very sort of megalomaniacs our Founders warned about.

Republicans better stand and fight … NOW.**



** PLEASE send this to EVERY GOP member of House and Senate


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Alles Klaar Herr Kommissar
Alles Klaar Herr Kommissar
2 years ago

The jobber faction of the Uniparty doesn’t have your back. Thanks for your efforts but you are on your own.
Everything is your responsibility and no one is coming to save you. Operate is if you are in hostile CCP occupied enemy territory because you are.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

ANOTHER issue long ignored AKHK, members of congress owned and operated by the CHICOMs. Hell,,the Feinstein spy issue was ABSOLUTELY a huge national security threat and….NOTHING.

Hillary’s private server was fully hacked by the ChiComs. They were reading every email, incoming and outgoing, IN REAL TIEM. At last count, more than 70 US foreign assets were executed thanks to her server with all the wedding plans and yoga lessons on it. …. NOTHING.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

It has ALWAYS been a matter of corruption, as in which is more corrupt, the DNC or RNC. Of course, the answer is DNC and there’s a reason for that. They have the MSM to protect and hide their corruption.

I’ve heard some rumors that CNN is going on the chopping block. They are hemorrhaging money. Gee, wouldn’t it be real Karma if the Trump family bought CNN?? THAT would be RICH! Good bye Fox and every other “news” outet. Don’t worry Newsmax, Trump would bring you along with him.

I’ve always maintained, Trump has mingled with these corrupt politicians for many years. He was often the only sober guy in the room as the rest of the whooped it up. Trump HAS THE GOODS ON ALL these people. All the hate we have seen is driven by pure, unadulterated FEAR. Buckle up folks, it’s about to get very interesting.

As for the Deep State, I have also maintained Obama’s REAL legacy was the utter flooding of DS operatives within our federal government. EVERY federal agency is LOUSY with them and make NO MISTAKE, these people have NO allegiance to America. They are fully wedded to the NWO.

Millions of us have been screaming for honest elections for a very long time. It all fell on deaf ears.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago
Reply to  Judyann Joyner

One more thing, I will be sending this to every Republican member of congress my Email and, will be printing hard copies and snail mail every one of them. May take awhile but that’s ok … I hope to put a hard copy in every one of their hands.

2 years ago

Keep voting – the answer is to stop paying your taxes. Taxation without fair representation.

John Vieira
2 years ago

AMEN!!!! There are actually many who a”advocate” for Trump to “run” in 2024…dream on….if this FRAUD is allowed to go unchallenged the job these people undertook over forty years ago WILL be done and AL future elections will be even more meaningless than this one. Notice those who CLAIM that Trump is “undemocratic” are the ones that are erasing/will erase any vestige of democracy….and the “systemic ignorance” that has been imbued in the psyche of those who garner ALL their information from the Main sewer Stream fake Media are charging full speed ahead on the road to perdition…in a clueless state.

John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  John Vieira

drop the “a” afore advocate and add an “L” to the AL…lol

J Walker
2 years ago
Reply to  John Vieira

Sidney Powell will release the Kraken.

2 years ago

I already sent this type of message to my “worthless, feckless (as I called those) Senator. He’s probably the “least”, non-outspoken Senator on the Hill. All I ever received from him was past events he’s done. Never does he send out an upcoming event to the public.

It’s as Richard Baris has said; These Republicans will go on Hannity and elsewhere singing the praises of Trump, but when they talk to “their” constituents, Corporatists etc, they aren’t so kind, slamming him instead. What they had better realize if Trump doesn’t make it, there will be a reckoning. As Baris also says, Twitter won’t ban him because he will be creating havoc for the GOP, and the media will play along. The GOP doesn’t know, or realize, that Trump does have a “revenge streak”. It came about because of “assumed” friends. In an interview Trump detailed how he enjoys it. They dislike his tweets Now, but wait until he is Unleashed. They will rue the day for stabbing him in the back, or sitting on the sidelines. He called out both parties during the first campaign for all their corruption, and we can assume he knows a great deal more now. GOP Beware.