Fox News Rearranges Hosts, Fires a Couple More


Roger Ailes’ wife said that Roger predicted Fox News would destroy themselves after they fired him. It seems that prediction might be coming true. As they move people around and push them out, Fox looks like they’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

They are dramatically changing their lineup, but they seem to be moving around hosts who still won’t get Tucker Carlson or Jesse Watters’s numbers.

Fox dropped Don Jr, Tucker, Lara Trump, Dan Bongino, Lisa Kennedy, and Steve Hilton.  In Kennedy’s spot, they’ll run Kudlow reruns. Before that, Megyn Kelly left, and Bill O’Reilly got the boot. Tucker was a good replacement for O’Reilly, but he’s gone.

They appear to be vindictive.

Early in May, Donald Trump Jr. said that Fox News is run by “leftist executives” who plan to “retaliate” against him for criticizing the network’s decision to fire conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

Fox took Tucker off the air on April 24th without any notice. Don Jr. expressed his anger at the move.

He said an attack on Tucker is also “an attack on his fans and conservatives everywhere.”

Trump Jr. claimed in a tweet on Wednesday that his “friends at Fox News” told him his disapproval of Carlson’s departure had enraged the “leftists” and “RINOs,” or “Republicans in name only,” that supposedly run the network.

“Have heard from a few of my friends at Fox News that the leftist executives running things there are pissed at me for calling them out over firing Tucker and to ‘expect retaliation,'” Trump Jr. tweeted. “A lot of good people still work at Fox, but their RINO leadership is at war with conservatives!”

Fox News has declined dramatically since they took Tucker off the air.

According to reports from Mediaite, Nielsen ratings show that the network has seen a 37-percent year-over-year decline to 1.42 million during the primetime hours of 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

In May, MSNBC saw its ratings increase to 1.16 million primetime viewers, or a 14-percent gain year-over-year.

The clear No. 3 was CNN, which saw its primetime ratings shrink to 494,000 viewers last month. According to the reports, it represents a 25-percent year-over-year decline compared with May 2022.

Meanwhile, Fox averaged some 135,000 viewers in the coveted 25–54 age demographic that advertisers often target during the primetime hours, the analysis shows. That’s a 62-percent year-over-year decline. MSNBC had 120,000 demographic viewers, or a 14 percent increase year-over-year, while CNN saw a 25 percent drop to 113,000 viewers in that demographic.

In comparison, Fox News averaged some 2.09 million primetime viewers in the first quarter of 2023. Carlson was still at the network until April 24.

Fox keeps saying they’re still the #1 cable news channel overall.

The Five and Jesse Watters save Fox overall and keep them slightly afloat in the demo.  Still, the demo is so low that their future doesn’t look good as their older audience dies off.

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