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Framework for $3.5T socialist/amnesty bill passes Senate 50-49


The Senate Democrats voted early Wednesday to pass the framework of the $3.5 trillion socialist budget reconciliation package after 15 hours of procedural votes. It’s actually over $5 trillion when all is said and done.

Now, they go on another seven-week vacation.

Republicans tried to get amendments through — more for messaging later on since they didn’t have a prayer of acceptance.

There is no talk of lawsuits despite the fact that this will fundamentally change the relationship between government and the people, centralizing more power in DC.

The framework is 92 pages (read below) and opens the door to climate and social and welfare initiatives and expanded Medicare. Politico reports that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who returned to the floor after recovering from COV, said the package is “a dream for those who want to socialize” the U.S. and that “America as we know it is at risk in this budget resolution.”

Communist Bernie Sanders is the architect.

Republicans argued that Democrats’ proposals would waste money, raise economy-wounding taxes, fuel inflation and codify far-left dictates that would harm Americans.

If Biden and Senate Democrats want to “outsource domestic policy to Chairman Sanders” with a “historically reckless taxing and spending spree,” Republicans lack the votes to stop them, conceded Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. “But we will debate. We will vote.”

Why don’t you sue, Mitch? Socialist programs and amnesty don’t belong in a spending bill.

Free, Free, and Economic Transformation under Climate Change Proposals

The budget blueprint creates new programs including:
  • tuition-free pre-kindergarten
  • and community college,
  • paid family leave,
  • and a Civilian Climate Corps whose workers would tackle environmental projects and spread communism.
  • Over 13-60 million illegal aliens in the U.S. [we have no clue how many] could apply for citizenship, and there would be financial incentives for states to adopt more labor-friendly laws.
  • Medicare would add dental, hearing, and vision benefits [which many productive Americans don’t have],
  • and tax credits and grants would prod utilities and industries to embrace clean energy that is hardly ready for market.
  • Child tax credits [welfare and it does go to illegal aliens] beefed up for the pandemic would be extended,
  • along with federal subsidies for health insurance (to bring on universal healthcare in the near future).

Besides higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations, Democrats envision savings by letting the government negotiate prices for pharmaceuticals it buys, slapping taxes on imported carbon fuels, and strengthening IRS tax collections. Democrats have said their policies will be fully paid for, but that isn’t true.

All the businesses that get hit with higher taxes, especially in the energy sector will pass that down to the middle class and the poor. Democrats will make the middle class and the poor into an underclass.

Amnesty and a Path to Citizenship

Framework for $3.5 Trillion socialist bill by Maura on Scribd

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2 years ago

Ol’ worthless turkey neck RAT McConnell (CCP) only Kentucky would keep electing such a turd.
All in jest as I have some fam from there and may return to the hideout in the hills before too long.
Just drop all the pretense and come on out in the open with the Uniparty clown car circus.
Only drooling dullards don’t know about it by now.
Debate? WTF good is that?
The Long March bullies will only be stopped when someone stands up.
Did they learn nothing from Rand Paul and I got this DeSantis? (rhetorical)

2 years ago

It’s quite disingenuous for certain Republicans, as Senator Scott, to complain about a 45 Trillion dollar debt. The Minority party always seem to complain about “debt” when the other party is spending beyond their means. In the 80’s the Party said if the country ever reached a Trillion dollar debt it would cause a catastrophic decline. The country has hit THIRTY Trillion and still no catastrophe. That’s not to say there isn’t problems with massive debt.

What is being overlooked is “Interest” on that National Debt. The country has been lulled into complacency with effective Zero rates. The Federal Reserve has little in their arsenal left to fight inflation, which is their core purpose. If inflation rises high enough they will be compelled to raise rates, which will directly affect Budgets, Deficits and Debt.

Republican have been fixated and obsessed with “tax cuts” and will cite those as the impetus for the growth of the economy under Trump. Tax cuts themselves doesn’t increase wages. We saw the same in previous attempts with tax cuts alone. There was no incentive for any company to pass the benefit to the workers. It was Trump with the “carrot and stick” approach that fueled the economy. When you tell Company (X) they will not be able to sell in the US if the company moves it assets overseas it will have the desired effect. So, all the Republican counter-arguments ring hollow. For generations they have maintained the same arguments and it convinces very few.

Therefore it’s no surprise so many Republicans supported such extravagance and then complain about this bill. As is typical, there is absolute inconsistency in their methods. They DID have the opportunity when They had full control of the purse yet did nothing. Republicans always fiddle whereas Democrats rush to accomplish their goals. Obamacare!, and now This. When have Republicans come to the table with pre-written Legislation. These Democrat bills were written well ahead of time and dusted off when the time is convenient.

I would suggest the failure of Republicans stems from the belief the Federal Government should not be involved in these areas. Therefore the party has little to offer in response, except the Debt Ceiling scare. One thing is for certain. There is a constituency for all that spending. It’s even more pronounced when a Republican leader tells the general public You can’t have any more ‘stimulus’ money, but we’ll sure as hell allocate a Trillion Plus with little benefit to that same general public. It was the Republicans that shelled out trillions with all the “Care Act” spending. But “We” are to “believe” Republicans NOW, for some reason.

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