Freedom is an Adult Enterprise


Freedom is an Adult Enterprise

by Linda Goudsmit


As I look back over the last few years, it is clear to me that Fauci’s COVID19 political medicine protocols and the Biden regime’s lawlessness are both orchestrated parts of the globalist war on America. Both utilize the tactical methodology of fear-based psychological regression. Why regression? Because freedom is an adult enterprise.

A nation of children and chronological adults regressed to childish psychological functioning cannot sustain itself. It does not possess the critical thinking skills required to protect itself. Why fear-based? Because fear is arguably the most mobilizing human emotion. If you frighten people enough, you can get them to do almost anything.

I wrote about the psychodynamics of regression and fear in a philosophy book I wrote years ago but didn’t recognize its political implications or applications at the time. Now I do. America is experiencing psychological warfare and globalism’s attempt at a silent coup d’ état. I will explain.

Please close your eyes, and imagine a big yellow school bus. Now imagine the seats filled with passengers on the bus. The question is, “Who’s driving the bus?” Would you let a toddler drive the bus? Would you let a 5-year-old drive the bus? What about an angry teenager? Or would you insist on a rational adult at the wheel? Before you open your eyes, just remember the common goal of political medicine, the Biden regime, and the globalist war on America is to have a toddler at the wheel. Psychological regression is the strategy, and fear is the tool.

My philosophy book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? presents a theory of behavior and universal paradigm to help people understand why they do what they do. I wrote the book because I believe that to solve a problem, one must first understand the problem. The more we each individually understand our own motivations for behavior, the more we are empowered to control our behavior, improve our lives, and enhance the nature and quality of life in our society.

The human growth process has a physical component and a psychological component. We all grow up physically (if we are lucky) because it takes no effort and is outside our control. Chronological age is an uncontested, biological accomplishment. Psychological growth is another matter entirely. The demands of responsible adults trying to draw us out of our state of infantile self-absorption (narcissism) rage against our regressive desire to remain children. We resist psychological growth.

Growing up psychologically is the universal challenge of childhood. If we understand the growth process and the complexities of the human mind, we can be more effective in meeting the challenge. A state of mind is not fixed. It is constantly shifting along the growth continuum, anywhere from total infantile narcissism to responsible adulthood, depending upon the level and stability of the individual’s inner development and the strength of the external pressures challenging it.

Let us imagine a single life span as a timeline beginning with birth and ending with death. Let us imagine a long life with a short span in infancy and early childhood, a longer time in adolescence, and the longest stay in adulthood. Ideally, the chronological development of this life corresponds with its psychological development. From the total dependence and narcissism of infancy to the self-sufficiency and responsibility of maturity, the emotional and physical patterns can be recorded concurrently.

What is important to remember is that we are each the sum of our parts and the whole of our life’s experiences. The children we once continued to exist within ourselves, inside our minds. So, the narcissistic infant, the demanding two-year-old child, the insecure adolescent, the rebel, the adventurer, the happy child, the angry, frightened, or lonely child we once were all persisting as a state of mind. Each inner child is a mobile entity that seeks to be in control of the individual’s mind. The inner child’s struggle for power continues to challenge the individual’s rational, adult state of mind throughout his/her lifetime.

Sustaining our most rational adult state of mind is the challenge for preserving our constitutional republic because freedom is an adult enterprise. So, what is the best strategy for sustaining psychological adulthood?

Let’s return to the big yellow school bus we imagined and understand the bus is a metaphor for our individual selves. The bus has many seats to accommodate our different moods, roles, and states of being. The bus travels along the timeline that is our lifetime. It picks up new passengers as we grow and develop, each new feeling creating another traveler and each new experience adding another rider. The driver of the bus is always selected from the passengers aboard, and the passengers are constantly competing to determine who will drive the bus. To understand how one person can perceive us in a completely different way than another, we must ask ourselves the seminal question, “Who’s driving the bus?”

When the seats are occupied by the different roles that comprise our adult lives, the answer to the question is not too challenging. The driver is a mother, father, husband, wife, boss, sister, cousin, friend, employee, or employer. The list is as long as the varying roles we each have in daily life. The complication and challenge comes when we recognize that we are each the total of our life’s experience, past and present. So, also riding on the bus are the inner children of our own past. The children of our childhood are always with us: the happy child, the hurt child; the frightened, angry, timid, uncertain, inquisitive, bold or compliant child. Perhaps a tormented child, or a silenced, immobilized, completely shut-down child is on the bus and we haven’t seen and cannot recognize him/her yet. All the inner children of our past remain on the bus, and they each seek control of it.

Children universally begin life in a natural state of total narcissism, and they do not give up this state of being without a struggle. That is why growing up psychologically is so difficult and painful. Each individual grapples with his/her own competing desires for growth and regression.

Historically, the three supporting pillars of American life – family, faith, and flag – cooperated to encourage emotional growth and the development of independent, autonomous, rational adults psychologically equipped to preserve our precious American freedoms and constitutional republic. Not anymore. The globalist war on America seeks to collapse America from within using asymmetric psychological warfare. The education industry obstructs the development of critical thinking skills in children by teaching them what to think, not how to think. The communications industry’s ceaseless fear-mongering narrative regresses chronological adults back to emotional childhood to a state of being before critical thinking skills were developed.

Thought precedes behavior. If the responsible adult relinquishes his rational state of mind to his young inner child, he will behave in the regressive, self-absorbed pattern that characterizes early childhood. It is a dangerous mindset because his young inner child has not yet developed critical thinking skills. In this circumstance, it is imperative that the individual has the knowledge to recognize that he has surrendered to the regressive demands of his inner child. If he can discipline himself to ask himself, “Who’s driving the bus?” he can visualize his growth continuum, identify his inner child, and respond appropriately. He can shift his state of mind from regressive, narcissistic child to responsible adult. It is an act of volition. It is a choice, and it is a learned skill.

The responsible adult knows that it is imperative to keep his most developed state of mind operative. We have established in our imaginary exercise that no rational adult would permit a toddler or young child to make the decisions required to drive the bus. Likewise, only the psychological adult is able to repel the globalist efforts to regress him back to a childish state of being where he is easily controlled. The globalists are fighting an asymmetric psychological war, and our strategic defense is to arm ourselves with the knowledge to fend them off. Knowledge really is power, and we must acquire this knowledge and exercise our power because children do not have the required critical thinking skills to support ordered liberty in a constitutional republic, and neither do regressed adults.

The globalist social engineers are exploiting this powerful psychological dynamic and using it destroy America from within. Fear is by far the most effective weapon for regressing chronological adults back to a frightened child state of mind. Regressed adults are neutralized mentally because, like children, they lack the critical thinking skills required to resist the assault.

The same psychodynamics explain the success of the entire fear-based COVID19 narrative. Political medicine is not about public health – it is and always was asymmetric warfare designed to regress and neutralize chronological adults. Regressed adults comply like children. They believe what they are told, do what they are told, and do not challenge the “experts”. This staggering deceit is still being used to achieve totalitarian globalist control through “vaccines” – it is revolution without bullets.

Globalism’s war on humanity cannot succeed in imposing its planetary managerial state without collapsing America’s constitutional republic first. Freedom is an adult enterprise. America’s chronological adults simply must remain psychological adults to successfully oppose the globalist attacks designed to regress them back to childhood compliance.

The globalist war on humanity is a war of attrition. I am 74 years old. My generation of patriots is dying, my children’s generation of indoctrinated millennials is transitional. The primary target of the globalist war on humanity is my grandchildren’s generation. If the globalists are not stopped, and if our nation’s youngest children are not taught critical thinking skills, they are destined to become serfs in globalism’s dystopian planetary Unistate.

The future of America’s constitutional republic lies in the ability of our nation’s young children to become rational, autonomous, psychological adults with developed critical thinking skills. For this reason, I wrote my illustrated children’s book series Mimi’s Strategy. The books are my personal commitment and patriotic effort to teach young children the critical thinking skills that can protect them, empower them, and ensure American freedom for generations to come.


Linda Gousmit is the author of the philosophy book Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus?and its political sequel, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness,’ along with numerous current affairs articles featured on her website and


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1 year ago

The problem for the Regime is that people my age aren’t that easily scared as are most Veterans of any age. The terrorism that is being practiced by the Traitor Joe Regime just pisses us off. We watch how LBJ used the FBI to destroy the Black Family back in the 1960s and put Black Woman on the Welfare Reservation. Here in Mississippi 56% of children are born to mothers out of wedlock, mostly to Black Woman. Black Women have 8 times the out of wedlock births than White woman and Blacks are only 13% of the population. Since Black Woman are stuck in a Liberal State School System they are easily controlled; almost like Pets. They live their lives scared the Government may take the few crumbs they get away, but continue to screw like rabbits making their economic situation worse. Abstinence is not taught in school and without a proper Male role model, boys in these “mom” households never become responsible men.

The War against America Started in the Early 1900s with Communist infesting the Federal Bureaucracy. We simply refused to address the issue. Democrats and RINOs used Blacks as the Pawns to hide behind and Black Leaders were more than happy to sell their race down the River. Black Men are waking up, but it looks like Black Women are a lost cause. It’s the same with White Women. Woman are easily intimidated; especially woman of child bearing age. This is why the Progressives early on wanted Woman’s Suffrage. Woman are easier to control. Then they went after the Constitutional Republic and told people we have a Democracy; a Mob Rule. Winner Take All, Democracy. If only men could vote, do you really think we would be in the mess we are in now? Just restricting people on the Dole from voting would quickly correct our problems.

I have spent half my life living and working overseas. The Terrorism we see in America does work as well in Male dominated society. Men tend to fight back!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Thank you M. Dowling. This article is no milk, but meat for real adults. Linda Goudsmit is not only a genius, but also someone with true wisdom.
   To put in terms of true, simple, Bible based
Christianity what she says is really what the Bible has been teaching for 3500
years since Moses wrote the first 5 books, Genesis through Deuteronomy.
Children universally begin life in a natural state of
total narcissism.” The Bible teaches that since the Fall into Sin, each
human born from the union of a sinful mother and a sinful father is totally
self-centred and selfish.
   Strong countries have three pillars: “family, faith, and
The Bible teaches that everything comes from family, with two grown-ups
leading the family.
  In a comment on a previous article, I mentioned
an incident that was in effect an attack on family. The teacher was trying to
change the children’s view of what family should be. The teacher insisted that
what was discussed at school had to stay at school. (Sort of like happens in
Vegas, stays in Vegas) Introducing deceit and disrespect is a direct attack on
family, and is an attempt to destroy a basic family building block,
  The parents are responsible for the development of their children. When the responsibility is taken away by the state, the family is being destroyed. (We will educate your children and don’t interfere.)
  Parents remember that people are the “sum of our parts and the whole of our life’s experiences.” It is your God-given responsibility to see that those experience build good people!
   “The education industry obstructs the
development of critical thinking skills in children by teaching them what to
think, not how to think.”
  That move, as I have hinted in previous comments, was already underway before 1960 in American schools. Younger and new teachers emphasised acquiring knowledge instead of teaching critical thinking. Control the input and that creates a robot that regurgitates what is taught and can’t analyse the material. The same tactic is used by a well-known pseudo-Christian cult. Their popular magazine gives a few paragraphs of propaganda, then asks questions so the reader provide the answers and rote memory is built without critical thinking.
  “The communications industry’s ceaseless fear-mongering narrative regresses chronological adults back to emotional childhood to a state of being before critical thinking skills were developed.
   The faith is
obvious as it rests on the Creator who loves and redeems, as well as provides
the power to make us into real adults. The unselfish agápē comes from Christ-like humility (STRENGTH UNDER
  I take flag to represent “nationalism” in the purest sense including a love for the country (flag) and a desire for it to grow ever stronger. Yet, there is also pride in helping others. Xenophobia is the small narcistic inner child, not the rational adult. (Hitler was trying to infantilise the German population to make them more manipulable.)
  The same is true of many voters (who are moved by selfish emotions, rather than adult, rational thinking and understanding) who cannot see that the people they elect are destroying everything they claim to love.
   Today China uses its money to
turn NBA stars (male and female) into selfish babies where flag means
nothing (except as a tool to trash in protest) and ‘wealth’ means everything.
war on humanity cannot succeed in imposing its planetary managerial state
without collapsing America’s constitutional republic first.” And Biden calls
those who agree with Trump’s MAGA policy enemies of the state (well as least of
what he wants to create in the USA).
  “ Freedom is an adult enterprise. Growing up psychologically is the universal challenge of childhood.”
    “Each inner child is a mobile entity that
seeks to be in control of the individual’s mind. The inner child’s struggle for
power continues to challenge the individual’s rational, adult state of mind
throughout his/her lifetime.
  At least this explains the many, who are physically adults, still hiding in parents’ homes. Have you ever noticed that those who act as selfish children always tell those they are trying to manipulate
to grow up
and act like adults, while trying to get them to accept the very opposite
  I would suggest people save this article and reread it on a regular basis.