Friday News Flash from the Biden Utopia


Another white supremacist attacking an ‘Asian’ person? Oh no, wait, he’s black and the victim is not from India.

This is what tyranny looks like. America’s communists have a voice, but the former president who tried to bring us back to the constitution does not.

OMG, such fakery.

Fauci Babe:

Racism in America!

We are all here for China now!

They thought he was a white supremacist but look, he’s not. There goes that story.


Hey Biden Media, how about proof!

Yes, please, STFU

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The Last of the V8 Intercepters
The Last of the V8 Intercepters
2 years ago

Yea just read about the shooter and his name wasn’t John Smith.
Sad trombone sounds across all news rooms in Chiquitastan.
We’re all here for China now…at the Sino-American Friendship Center, comrade.
Fly right or get smashed by a tank, report any progressive puritans for an increase in EBT rations, card good at Mart-Law, Target, Sack N’ Save, Bezoszon.
Bwahaha! Any society that elevates Fraudci to some Fantastic Four, Justice League hero probably should be destroyed anyway.
Petey Butt makes Beta O’ Dorke seem hip and cool and that is an accomplishment.
Heard some “testimony” from the St. Floyd of Fentanyl show trail in the background and went to default face palm mode.
Maybe the police will be defunded in time for the annual burn down of Minneapolistan and there will plenty of room to destroy?
At least there was a huge laugh as comradette Mosby in Baltiless showed off her “social justice reforms” and the criminals in the audience are already making vacation plans.
Forward! Chiquitastan, yes we are.