Frightening Reality of Bernie Sanders’ Rise to Power in America


MSNBC host Willie Geist said exactly what we’ve been saying about the new Democrat Party and it’s alarming to many Americans. You can’t say you want Bernie Sanders to go away because his supporters make up a large part of the Democrat Party. Elizabeth Warren’s voters fall into the same category.

Geist stated the obvious, you can’t say Bloomberg is going to come along and rid Democrats of the problem, “Those voters are the Party.”

What he didn’t say, which is also true, is Pete Buttigieg’s voters are in that bucket as well. Democrats have rejected the sane Democrats like Delaney and Klobuchar. Biden is trailing in about 5th place and he’s ahead of Klobuchar in key states because he’s preaching a quasi-socialist/communist doctrine.


Last night, Tucker Carlson interviewed a normal Democrat on his show.  The interviewee, Bryan Wright, is one of the last of a dying breed. Wright clearly explained the problems in his party.

The only thing Wright doesn’t understand yet is the party is probably not coming back to the center. They might pretend they are, but they have been hijacked by the lunatics in the Democratic Socialist Party. That party is to the left of the Communist Party. Their goal is to go scorched earth and take over all the means of production as soon as they are in power.

At the beginning of this next clip, James Carville, an old-time Democrat, tries to sound the alarm. Eric Holder, David Axelrod, and Barack Obama already did this and got slammed for it. The left doesn’t want to hear it. The lure of free stuff is too great. The force is strong in the youth.

After Carville’s comments, Mr. Wright outlines the insane agenda of the Democrat Party and points to the problems. Among a number of worthwhile observations, he said the hard-left wants to take over private industry and the way they do that is to become part of the Democrat Party and push it farther left. It’s easier than starting a new party.

He doesn’t mention this, but there are a lot of old-timers in the Party, like Nancy Pelosi, who are Marxists who have been pushing the party left incrementally. That is a fact often ignored.


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