This is today’s college student, be afraid, very afraid


We hope the student in the clip below isn’t typical of college students, but he is typical of the hard-left. Watch him scream that he will slash the throat of every “F*****g Republican. This individual was triggered by the Trump Students table. Yep, a table of students for Trump at ASU is a trigger.

The crazed leftist is one of the caring, tolerant Democrats who hope to sit in the seat of power.

“Slash his throat. Every fcking Republican. Suck my fcking balls. Slash Republican throats. Slash fascist throats,” he screams.

Police at Arizona State University said Wednesday that they are investigating.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media where an individual appears to be making threats. We are working with the University to address the matter,” ASU Police tweeted. The identity of the individual or whether he is a student was unclear.

“Appears?” What about “slashing throats” isn’t a threat. We are so PC now.

How do these people think they should behave in this manner? Are they raised by wolves, does it happen in school, is there something in the water?

He seems nice:

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