From a Professor Emeritus at Bard College: Fellow Americans, patriots, friends,



Fellow Americans, patriots, friends,

The last several years have cemented us into a community. We are very different. We are mainstream America. Like the rest of America, we have a different skin color.  We are of different ages and incomes, different levels of education. But we have one thing in common: we are all equals. We love the truth and we value our freedom and dignity.

The last several years have been difficult but we would not trade them for anything. They have given us an opportunity to speak up and exercise our fundamental freedom.

Donald J. Trump is one of us. He has undertaken a monumental task and he has remarkably succeeded in it. He has helped to expose the mendacious and evil nature of the elites who seek to suppress our freedom and turn us into modern-day slaves. A man who undertakes such a task is always a winner because he is a champion of fundamental truth and justice that sees all people as equals.

Modern days Pharisees and money changers will crucify him. They have been doing this for the last four years and now they will try to put him on the cross. They have already started doing it. Just like the leaders of Iran, they want to see Trump’s head on the platter. Read the shrill headlines from the front pages of the mainstream media today. They were silent when thugs destroyed our cities and harassed and killed our citizens. But now they scream bloody murder when the symbols of their domination are threatened.

We do not approve or condone any act of violence, not just some. For those who are against us, it is OK to kill people or destroy their property if the cause is right–but not for us. Shortly after the Capitol was invaded President Trump condemned the violence and asked his supporters to go home in peace. We are still waiting for Biden to condemn violent actions of BLM or Antifa. We do not know all the details of what happened yesterday at the Capitol but one thing is certain: our enemies are already using this episode to justify the fraudulent elections.

Donald J. Trump is a man. But he is also a symbol. He is a symbol of our aspirations for truth and justice. He did not have to become president. He did it for the same reason we all have risen up against the elites. We were all inspired by our innate sense of truth and justice.

We hear many lies but they do not sway us. Our strength comes from the great truth we learned over two thousand years ago when Christ said: “Blessed are those who constantly crave for Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Much time has passed since then.  Many false prophets have tried to replace this truth. The wind of history has scattered their words and carried away their names. But the truth revealed by Christ still shines through and it will continue to shine through until we finally fulfill the great promise of truth, justice, and beauty bequeathed to us by the Creator.


Gennady Shkliarevsky is Professor Emeritus of History at Bard College, New York.

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